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Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

CRM provides the widest range of single tool campaign and player management functions available in the market. It enables high impact, high volume marketing without the need to create and staff a new marketing department.

  • Overview 

    Quickly and easily create targeted marketing campaigns that really work.

    Full Marketing Campaign Management
    Plan and execute high impact campaigns using our powerful automated marketing and analytic tools.

    Strong and Flexible Reporting
    Make the campaign reporting easy with a tool that stores, structures and extracts campaign results easily. Less time on process. More focus on creativity.

    Automated Campaign Analysis
    Replace assumptions with real, structured data that tells an accurate story of each campaign’s impact, what worked and what can be made even more effective.

    Key Features

    ✓ Running Ad-hoc, Multistep, Triggered and Push marketing campaigns
    ✓ Flexible campaign, segment and template management tools
    ✓ Player database segmentation with 160 dynamic and static filters
    ✓ Predefined, ready-to-use dynamic segment templates for easy start
    ✓ Ability to work with static player segments
    ✓ New customer acquisition through non-customer segments, leads generation
    ✓ Integration of a third-party messaging service provider
    ✓ Integration with social media to create push campaigns
    ✓ Flexible scheduler for automated marketing
    ✓ Real-time campaign monitor
    ✓ Ability to run campaigns in test mode
    ✓ Integration with the bonus management system
    ✓ Multiple channels, such as Email, SMS, Internal Messaging, HTTP
    ✓ Email/SMS tracking and analytics
    ✓ Multiple analytics metrics and reports through flexible and customizable analytics dashboard with charts
    ✓ Google calendar integration
    ✓ Flexible and automated report generation across 60+ KPIs
    ✓ 24/7 support and trainings
    ✓ Multilingual and web-based


    Monthly subscription fee: €500
    Monthly usage prices:
    Up to 10000 messages: €99
    10000 to 100000 messages: €199
    Unlimited messages: €399

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