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Provide your players with a series of highly engaging live casino games available in 6 languages. 

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BetConstruct’s Live Casino offering comes in 3 solutions: Generic tables, Dedicated tables and online setup for land-based casinos. 

Generic tables
BetConstruct Live Casino includes Baccarat, Speed Baccarat, Super Six Baccarat, Roulette, Blackjack, Bet On Poker and Dragon Tiger. The 33 tables are broadcast in six languages (Armenian, Turkish, Arabic, Farsi, English and Russian). The gaming interface includes multiple table limits, many side bets, rich game stats, exciting animation and sound effects, as well as the ability to chat with the dealer and other players at the table. Our Multi-Game View technology also allows other games to be offered on the same screen at the same time. And the multi-camera view enables to follow the course of the game from different angles delivering a real-life feel to our Live Casino.  

Dedicated tables  
Dedicated table solutions allow running bonus and live promotions that can be also customized to our partners’ specific requirements. Shortly put, our partners can have a dedicated table or even a branded hall just like our partner FashionTV Gaming Group has. BetConstruct built a separate hall for FTVGG in the in-house live studio. Don’t miss your chance to stand out from the competition.  

Online solution for land-based casino 
Considering the high demand for online casinos, BetConstruct offers an exclusive solution for land-based casinos. From now on, they are not only able to operate their physical casinos but also have an online presence. All they need is a table right in their casino, leaving the rest to BetConstruct. We will take care of all the configurations and setups to assure all the necessary conditions for a seamless live casino experience.  
BetConstruct Live Casino is tailored to the desires of the operator’s players. An operator can create its own casino environment to build a unique player experience while playing Live Casino games. The operator receives:  

  • Customised live casino landing page (White Label Solution)
  • Personalised live casino lobby
  • Personalised games with UI elements and colors
  • Partner’s logo placed in the game interface, game pre-loader and live casino games lobby
  • Games with side bets (Blackjack, Baccarat, Dragon Tiger, Bet on Poker)
  • Table limits


Customization can be applied to a number of aspects of the live dealer experience on dedicated tables for additional cost including dealer attire, cards, table design, equipment and studio environment. 

Along with all these incredible services, BetConstruct also offers advanced functionalities for the operators. Tournaments management system generates and host online tournaments for slot and live casino games. Jackpot engine randomly triggers a jackpot for any set of BetConstruct’s third-party integration within the company’s gaming catalogue. Bonus management system activates free spins and choose their number as well as configure deposit and manual bonuses. Game recommendation engine identifies game preferences of players based on their activity. All the bonus programs are supplied as standard to any partner purchasing BetConstruct Live Casino.



  • HD to full HD quality streaming
  • Multiple providers via a single channel
  • HTML5 game interface
  • Real games in real time 24/7
  • Multi-game view
  • Live chat with dealers and between players
  • Flexible customisation
  • Additional and side bets in each game
  • Customisable limitation for any currency and any market
  • Sidebet control
  • Multi-camera view

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Gaming Suite

Setup Fee


*Gaming Suite includes Slots, Poker, Live Casino, Skill Games, Ogwil, Keno, Farkle, Blast and Virtual Games.

Live Casino Software

Setup Fee


*BetConstruct provides Live Casino with Live Roulette, Live BlackJack, Live Bet on Poker, Live Baccarat, Speed Baccarat, Super Six Baccarat and Dragon Tiger.

*Terms and conditions for BetConstruct pricing strategy.

BetConstruct pricing strategy may vary by country/region, jurisdiction, currency, etc.

Please find the details below:


Standard pricing for all regions : Live Casino €10K, Gaming Suite €15K


USA pricing : Live Casino $12K, Gaming Suite $17K

Revenue Share

Turnkey Solution





White Label Solution




*Live Casino revenue share for BetConstruct products only:

*Live Casino revenue share for BetConstruct products only.

*Third party pricing - upon request.

*If White Label partners wish to make an initial deposit of 25,000, they will be permitted to pay the standard revenue share percentages.

Solution Types

White Label

Full platform with technical support.




Full platform with technical support under one of Betconstruct’s licenses (Our payment wallets, our risk management).

SWARM API Integration

Complete platform with your fully customised design (Design & Hosting).


Partner API Integration

BetConstruct products integrated on your platform.



Live Casino Setup

The latest addition to the Live Casino offering is the online solution for a land-based casino which includes streaming live world-leading games from an operator’s own or shared studio in a land-based casino. BetConstruct has developed a custom online solution for land-based casino operators to target the highly profitable online gaming sector. Developed in accordance with the land-based casino, the online version is customized in detail, meeting the original branding and promoting the venue to the web players worldwide. BetConstruct covers technical support and programming. We provide all necessary software and equipment for the casino studio to work including cards, checkers, monitors and cameras and the setup itself. For the dealers to learn how to work for the web-based format BetConstruct professionals organize special trainings. As an addition to the studio, we assign 24/7 support and risk management for the players of the online casino.

Live Baccarat


  • Multiplayer game
  • Played with 6 decks
  • Player and Banker Pair side bets
  • Sum Bonus and Tie Bonus
  • Easy visible statistic charts
  • Configurable table limits for all partners
  • Flexible branding and customised user interface

Live Dragon Tiger


  • User-friendly UI/UX
  • Quick game
  • Rich selection of sidebets
  • Configurable table limits per partner
  • Configurable sidebets variations 
  • Flexible branding and customised user interface

Live Bet-on-Poker


  • The most profitable Poker game available today
  • Each game has four rounds of betting
  • 18 betting positions
  • Each box or betting position can have an unlimited number of players
  • The only solution in the market with a direct dealer chat
  • Configurable table limits and betting markets per partner
  • Very attractive margin at 9% plus
  • Multi-device solution for both retail and online

Live Blackjack


  • Deal now to play faster without waiting for the end of betting time to start the game
  • Played with 8 decks
  • Bet behind to play faster without waiting for the end of betting time to start game
  • Double after split
  • Surrender option
  • Ability for each player to sit on up to 3 boxes
  • Possibility to select an option on the hand before time
  • Ability for the partner to select bonus bets for each table: Lucky 7, Honey Bonus, Perfect Pair
  • Dealer hand to play big and keep high-odds side bets going, placed on dealers' cards

Live Roulette


  • 2 video views (Front and Top)
  • Bet building mode and the possibility to save favourite bets
  • Rich selection of special bets (Finale en Plain, Red and Black Splits, Red and Black Snake bets)
  • Last 500 winning numbers statistics with ability to bet directly on the statistics results
  • Innovative racetrack view with ability to select number of neighbors
  • “Intelligent betting” system helping to place bets within table limits
  • Configurable table limits per partner

Bet-On Teen Patti


  • Uniquely designed solution for the most favorite Indian game
  • Each game has 6 rounds of betting
  • 7 betting positions
  • Each box or betting position can have an unlimited number of players
  • The only solution offering a poker-type game with betting features in the market
  • Configurable table limits and betting markets per partner
  • Very attractive margin at 7.5% plus

Red Dog Double


  • Fresh design for one of the oldest table games 
  • The only solution in the industry with a live dealer  
  • User-friendly interface 
  • Multiplayer game without player limit 
  • 2 betting positions 
  • Accept bets on 2 boxes simultaneously  
  • Wide range of sidebets 


Combined Remote Operating Licence from UK Gambling Commission

Third Party Providers

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