B2C Marketing 

Promote your online gaming and betting business via multiple digital channels such as media placements, digital ads and more. 

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Do you want to boost your digital presence? Then you are in the right place. Digital marketing and advertising are what we specialise in. We work with websites, apps, digital platforms suitable for ad placement. We offer a full spectrum of digital campaigns from planning to execution: market research, competitor analysis, identification of target audiences, communication with media platforms, campaign monitoring and audit.


We mainly focus on non-standard placements with high user involvement and ultra-innovative ad formats and counting mechanisms. We try to optimise users’ interactions with media placements and ads. We offer both banner and video placements in our media buying and media planning service: those are considered the most effective placement types in the modern digital world.



  • Market research and strategy

Know your strength, find your audience and target it

  • Social Media Marketing

Reach out to your customers through social networks via creative copywriting and outstanding media

  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Target your audience with the best industry keywords

  • Media Buying

Increase your visibility in the preferred regions and websites

  • WebMaster Service

Have a website that is always up to date, to the point and user-friendly

  • Design

Reflect your vision in the accurately designed materials

  • Production

Present your features and promotions through videos, engaging animation and web banners.




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