Use the global and well-established appeal of the scratch card combined with a highly-involving game of chance for a nice online lottery experience.

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BetConstruct provides a unique opportunity to enhance your Casino offering with an engaging online lottery game.  
Ogwil is a scratch-card game that allows its players to buy as many online tickets in a single session as they like. Operators predetermine the list of ticket values, from which a player can choose and configure a reward level. The engagement of Ogwil is always high, because of the simple yet entertaining concept of the game and high RTP. 
Ogwil also offers an auto-select option, with which players let the system randomly walk through the card fields and determine the winning boxes. The player can also choose difficulty levels of the game based on their preferences. By choosing 2- or 3-row levels, the user can scale up and down the number of rows, thus increasing the winning chances, along with amounts. 
Ogwil could be incorporated into an endless range of actions, science fiction and fantasy scenarios with supporting graphics, music and sound effects.  Choosing from all the possible configurations, an operator can come up with an exciting design and a storyline for the game that will capture the attention of the most demanding player.



  • Chance to win with every ticket (if the player makes the correct choices) – no ticket is ever "totally blank"
  • Prizes for the winning choice at every level, not just at the top
  • Cash in, sell ticket and gamble options at all levels before the final
  • Flip coin functionality ('auto-select')
  • Consolation prizes for players who reach higher levels but fail to make it to the very top
  • Support for the multi-language interface
  • 2-ticket-type game, either 2 or 3-row levels


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*Gaming Suite includes Slots, Poker, Live Casino, Skill Games, Ogwil, Keno, Farkle, Blast and Virtual Games.


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