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With Online Guaranteed Win Instant Lottery, Ogwil, we combined the global and well-established appeal of the scratch card with a highly involving online game of chance. The basic concept contains the following: does the box conceal an opportunity to win or not? 
Ogwil players can buy online tickets to play and they can purchase as many tickets as they like in a single session. They can also choose the value of their ticket from a predetermined list with a value being set by the operator. There are either two or three separate columns of boxes to choose from and ten individual steps in a straight ladder sequence. Correctly choose the box with the value in it for all ten steps and the winnings can be spectacular at the end of the game. Ogwil players can choose any time to cash in, sell or gamble on with their ticket before they complete the whole game. The brave will continue to look for a win on each level but it's necessary to beware. An empty box even at the very top will mean they lose all their winnings (although the system can be configured to offer some level of reward to players who get very close to the top). If the tension is too great, players can opt to use the coin flip function (auto select) and allow the system to make their choice for them. Ogwil could be incorporated into an endless range of actions, science fiction and fantasy scenarios with supporting graphics, music and sound effects. But the basic sequence remains the same in every case – a very involving game of pure chance. 



  • Chance to win with every ticket (if the player makes the correct choices) – no ticket is ever "totally blank"
  • Prize for winning choice at every level, not just at the top
  • Cash in, sell ticket and gamble options at all levels before the final
  • Flip coin functionality ('auto select')
  • Consolation prizes for players who reach the higher levels but don't make it to the very top
  • Supports for multi-language interface


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*If White Label partners wish to make an initial deposit of 25,000, they will be permitted to pay the standard revenue share percentages.

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