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Online Guaranteed Win Instant Lottery (OGWIL)

OGWIL combines the global and well-established appeal of the scratch card with a highly involving online game of chance. Players can buy as many online tickets of their chosen value as they would like in a single session.

  • Overview 

    The global appeal of a scratch card combined with an easy to play and totally involving online game.


    More than a Scratch Card
    Simplicity combined with real excitement and the basic attraction of winning.


    More Player Involvement
    Game of chance that increases the excitement with every step on the ladder towards a prize.
    More Players
    Appealing and accessible to players of all kinds and at all levels.

    Key Features

    Chance to win with every ticket (if player makes the correct choices) – no ticket is ever "totally blank"
    Prize for winning choice at every level, not just at the top
    Cash in, sell ticket and gamble options at all levels before the final
    Flip coin functionality ('auto select')
    Consolation prizes for players who reach the higher levels but don't make it to the very top


    Standard Pricing:
    The setup fee is 10,000 EUR for both Classic and SpringBuilder solutions.


    Additionally, revenues will be shared between the partner and BetConstruct in accordance with the following model with no monthly minimums. Ogwil Partner - 90%, BetConstruct- 10%.

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