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BetConstruct’s Affiliate Marketing describes the relationship between operators and their affiliates. Affiliates promote operators on their own websites, using a range of marketing materials. Then they earn commission from the sales they generate. Thousands of high-impact banners are set and many other online marketing tools are used to ensure a high-profile presence for operators on hundreds of affiliates’ websites. Once a new affiliate registers, the system generates a URL with an end-point affiliate ID (unique). Each time a new player signs up with this link, they automatically join that particular affiliate network to help drive profits. Each affiliate may have a unique promo code as well. Our Affiliate system can work with any type of PAM module that supports Betconstruct Affiliate API.


BetConstruct offers one of the most complete affiliate creation and management systems available today. Our partners can easily set up, expand and manage their affiliate networks without any complex additional technology. Simple and highly user-friendly, Banner Management Programme in HTML5 allows rapid creation and fast editing of dynamic animated banners that can include live odds for extra impact. You can quickly build a well-functioning international or global marketing machine to help drive your business profile and revenues. 



  • Innovative marketing tools including banners, JSON/ XML feed and Banner Management Programme in HTML5
  • Advanced tracking, complete statistics and reporting
  • Web-based admin panel
  • Multilingual and multi-currency
  • Multiple search criteria, bulk actions for affiliate groups, reward plans and marketing messages
  • API integration
  • Customisable Commission Plan for individual affiliates and Multi-Branding
  • Management programme in HTML5 as a separate feature


Setup Fee


*Monthly fee is €1K

*The setup fee does not apply for BetConstruct Partners.


Smart Package

Monthly Fee


*Smart Package includes CRM, Affiliate Marketing, Agent System, Statistics, DDOS Protection and Hosting. 

Solution Types



API integration

API Integration

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