How CRM Improves iGaming Operations

How CRM Improves iGaming Operations

Players are the axis, around which all the processes in every gaming business revolve. The players-first attitude is what contributes to the success of an igaming business. Yet, the one-size-fits-all approach is unrealistic when it comes to catering to the players’ most essential needs. Each player is unique and therefore wants to be treated individually. ML-powered CRM systems are the absolute champions in terms of providing consistent player experience and reducing churn rate. At their core, CRM systems in the iGaming industry facilitate a data-backed player-centric approach. This is done to ultimately boost player engagement and retention. Hence, investing in an advanced CRM tool is crucial for an online gaming and betting business, since it takes player experience to the next level.


This is what an igaming operator may achieve by using CRM systems:


  • improved player retention,
  • activity-based marketing campaigns,
  • a better understanding of players’ needs,
  • real-time analytics,
  • ROI growth.


Let’s dive deeper and see how CRM systems bring benefit to the igaming industry at each touchpoint with players.



5 practical ways iGaming harnesses the potential of CRM systems



CRM for segmentation



CRM systems segment players into groups based on the behavioural, geographic, IP metrics they have shown on your gambling website. This allows marketing teams to have more targeted and relevant communication strategies when dealing with each segment.


CRM software for igaming industry


Simply put, automatic segmentation is the practice of categorising players either with similar data or gaming and betting habits into dynamic segments.  Every new player that meets a specific segment’s criteria is automatically added to that segment. This way, any  approach or offer can be specifically matched with each player’s pattern, thus letting them skip the same-for-all promotional and loyalty programmes. For example, BetConstruct’s automated CRM tool uses the RFM (Recency, Frequency, Monetary) system, which is based on machine learning and can easily categorise sportsbook and casino players. This is an innovative approach in the igaming industry. And it allows to group players according to:


  • Recency: the number of days since the last bet,
  • Frequency: the average of all periods between bets,
  • Monetary: the cumulative value.



CRM for personalisation  



If you want to ensure a personalised player experience, you must learn the playing /  betting habits and preferences of your players. That will help you come up with fully individual offers and messages for every stage in a player’s journey. The implementation of CRM systems in igaming creates  opportunities for  offering tailored sports-betting and gaming experiences.


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The advanced CRM systems use machine-learning algorithms to gather and deliver player data at each touchpoint of your website. Once the data is at hand, marketing teams are able to package it as timely, consistent and personalised offers. For instance, CRM systems acquire, then analyse the player activity data in accordance with a specific sport, market type or bet category. Then, the info is used to generate individual offers with similar market types or bet categories.  



CRM for analytics



The CRM software’s built-in analytics tool offers data-led insight into the performance of your online gambling business, based on the player acquisition data, win-loss ratio and churn rates. It helps igaming operators to make knowledge-based decisions, to better interpret your business trends and to take required actions.  


The AI-powered CRM tools help to produce reports and track data. The detailed and accurate reports generated by CRM save igaming operators a lot of time and   identify the gaps in their business. For instance, CRM analytics can tell you the number of potential churners within a given period. Then, you can start crafting a retention strategy based on predictive analysis, in order to improve the churn rate.



CRM for retention 



Attracting new players can cost way more than keeping existing ones. CRM is one of the pillars of player retention. It allows online gambling companies to retain the best players and amplify returns on their marketing investments.  


Once a player shows any sign of gaming or betting activity on your website, the CRM system immediately maps out their  journey. It employs the player data to draw a map for each point of intervention on your website. This approach helps igaming marketers understand players’ evolving needs, develop strategies and create more player-centric campaigns. The targeting approach makes it easier to create loyalty programmes that reward your best players with additional perks and make them feel valued. This, in return, maintains players’ loyalty to your gaming business.  



The ultimate goal of player retention is:


  • to welcome players to your igaming website (personalised welcome messages, tutorials...)
  • to guide them through the registration process with targeted messages (step-by-step instructions, action-oriented messages tailored to the players’ history and background, etc.)
  • to attract players with incentives (free spins, free bets, welcome bonuses, etc.)
  • to give them a personalised reason to come back and play again (cashback  promotions, frequent play points, VIP services for high rollers, etc.).



CRM for player experience



Players’ satisfaction with their gaming experience plays a significant role in their  decision to continue betting/playing. If players have difficulty finding what they look for on your website, they will leave for a more user-friendly one, regardless of how beautifully designed your igaming website was. It takes players just a few seconds to decide whether your website or app is worth their time. And this is where UX becomes a determining factor.  


The role of CRM systems is to spot the points of your website where players have had difficulties and to signal  the marketing team to come up with some helpful solutions. Besides, by providing a flawless player experience you get a clear view of  the player’s journey on your website. 






CRM improves the operations of online gambling websites in a number of ways. It maintains player loyalty and ensures a positive experience by means of data-backed, personalised offers. CRM systems also help igaming marketers to gain deeper insight into each player’s journey on their website and to develop the best strategies for meeting the player’s needs.  


BetConstruct’s CRM tool combines player analytics data with machine-learning algorithms to help igaming businesses have a better understanding when identifying and predicting the early signs of players exposed to high churn rate, and  subsequently take proactive measures for boosting player retention and lifetime value.



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Author: Ani Baghdasaryan