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The global appeal of a scratch card, combined with an easy to play and totally involving online game.
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Key Features
Game of chance with very high player involvement
Appealing to wide range of players
Chance to win with EVERY ticket
Prize for winning choice at EVERY level
Cash in, sell ticket and gamble options at ALL levels before the final.
Frequently Asked Questions
What is OGWIL?
The game logic is based on a mathematical idea, developed by Berkeley University Professor Manuel Blum in 1981.

With our Online Guaranteed Win Instant Lottery – OGWIL – BetConstruct has combined the global and well-established appeal of the scratch card with a highly involving online game of chance. The basic concept will be familiar to all players – does the box conceal an opportunity to win? Now, online technology enables us to ask that fascinating question through a whole ladder of options, taking players on a thrilling journey.
How can players buy OGWIL tickets?
OGWIL players can buy online tickets to play and they can purchase as many tickets as they like in a single session. They can also choose the value of their ticket from a predetermined list, with value being set by the operator. (The more expensive the initial ticket, the greater are the potential winnings for a player who makes the right choice at every step.)
How is OGWIL played?
Each OGWIL ticket is similar in concept to a scratch card, with the 'winnings' waiting to be discovered. There are either two or three separate columns of boxes to choose from. And there are ten individual steps in a straight ladder sequence. Correctly choose the box with value in it, for all ten of the steps, and the winnings can be spectacular at the end of the game. (Operators might choose to offer a 'headline prize' of say $ 1 million to reward a win on the most expensive ticket.)

The growing player involvement comes from the decision to stay in the same column for the next choice, or to change to a different column. This demands even more nerve when 3 columns are in play. Each individual choice is a lottery, pure chance. The individual online game card is pre-configured by the OGWIL system, which securely and independently sets the positions of the winning boxes. The card cannot be tampered with. And a win is "guaranteed" to the extent that no game card is ever 'totally blank' – i.e. with no chance to win at all. Note however that a player can be out of the game with their first choice, if their chosen box proves to be empty.
Do all players need to play to the end of each game?
OGWIL players can choose at any time to cash in, sell or gamble on with their win, before they complete the whole game. More risk averse players will cash in early. The brave will continue to look for a win on each level. But they need to beware. An empty box, even at the very top, will mean they lose all their winnings. (Although the system can be configured to offer some level of reward to players who get very close to the top.) If the tension is too great, players can opt to use the coin flip function (auto select) and allow the system to make the choice for them.
How can the OGWIL game become more engaging?
The basic OGWIL sequence can be embedded in a huge variety of scenarios. For example, OGWIL can become a character with an identity and engaging personality. BetConstruct has successfully developed OGWIL as a legendary bandit of the Wild West, with the challenge being to predict where he has hidden his stolen gold.

Progress up the ladder of boxes can be enhanced with the inclusion of other characters and choices. Players can decide what actions to take, for example pardon a bandit or shoot it out with him. Correct decisions can be rewarded with bonuses for the player. OGWIL could be incorporated into an endless range of action, science fiction and fantasy scenarios, with supporting graphics, music and sound effects. But the basic sequence remains the same in every case – a very involving game of pure chance.
What are the key features of OGWIL?
Chance to win with EVERY ticket (if player makes the correct choices) – no ticket is ever "totally blank".
Prize for winning choice at EVERY level, not just at the top.
Cash in, sell ticket and gamble options at ALL levels before the final.
Flip coin functionality ('auto select').