Virtual Sports

Offer your players a 24/7 realistic and dynamic experience with our diverse portfolio. Enhanced 3D visualisation and rich sound effects with 10 Virtual Sports.

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Virtual Sports guarantees realistic, dynamic and totally involving 24/7 gameplay for your audience. The only difference from real sports is that we can make the action truly non-stop! With enhanced 3D visualisation and rich sound effects. BetConstruct offers 10 Virtual Sports, namely Virtual Football Pro, Virtual Football League, Virtual Football Penalty Kicks, Horse Racing, Greyhound Racing, Car Racing, Virtual Bicycle, Virtual Tennis, Marble Racing and Virtual Drag Racing.



  • Full HD and HD graphics
  • Enhanced 3D visualisation and sound effects for a real experience
  • Available as a multi-device solution (online, retail, tablet and mobile)
  • 3,200+ events per day
  • New match every 3 minutes, across 8 sport types   
  • Comprehensive content management system 
  • 24/7 real-money betting and immediate payouts
  • Customisable margins
  • Multi-language and multi-currency 
  • Fast and easy report generation
  • Extensive range of statistical analysis
  • Hosted service
  • Retail solution - optimal streaming capability by placing encrypted videos on site and Satellite solution (Coming soon and upon request)
  • Customisable branding system



Betting Suite

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*Betting Suite includes Sportsbook, Virtual Sports and Esports.


Virtual Sports

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*BetConstruct provides Virtual Sports with Golden Race, Edge Gaming, Leap Gaming and INBET.

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Supported Channels

Supported Chanels (Web, Mobile, iOS, Android, Retail)

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White label solution

White Label

Turnkey solution


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Partner API Integration

Sports Types

Virtual Football Pro


Virtual Football Pro is developed using the most advanced 3D visualisation technology coming with a wide range of betting markets. We offer 480 games every day; every 3 minutes across 40+ betting markets, providing a 24/7 betting experience. Our solution can easily be integrated into your existing operation via API, it is also available as a hosted solution. Margins are fully configurable and graphics can be customised with branded backgrounds. As in real football, Virtual Football Pro has several Competition forms: Virtual Football League form, World Cup form, Penalty Kicks that keep players really involved.

Virtual Football League


BetConstruct’s Virtual League form is a top revenue-making solution for operators. This game engages and keeps players really involved. Our League format features 8 teams, 112 matches per season, 28 match days and 4 games running in parallel. Players have a chance to bet 24/7. Our solution can easily be integrated into your existing operation via API, yet a hosted solution is also available. Operators can configure margins and customise graphics to match their brands.

Virtual Football Penalty Kicks


BetConstruct’s Virtual Football Penalty Kicks is the best choice for the players who are in need of some adrenaline rush. It consists of back-to-back penalty kicks composed by opponent teams very similar to the ones available in real football. We offer 480 games: every 3 minutes with 40+ betting markets.

Horse Racing


BetConstruct’s Virtual Horse Racing provides an amazing opportunity for horse racing fans to bet on a wide variety of events anytime they want. 
We offer a race every 3 minutes; a total of 480 games a day. Your players have the ability to choose from 6 to 8 runners per race. The combination of unique betting experience and 3D visualisations based on videos from events in the UK, Ireland and other countries makes our virtual horse racing the perfect product for a high ROI.

Greyhound Racing 


Since real dog racing events are limited, BetConstruct has created a new product which offers betting solutions available on all your selected channels. To make our games more realistic, BetConstruct derived the characteristics of dogs from real races. More than 480 races daily; every 3 minutes with the ability to choose from 6 to 8 runners and with real dog racing behaviour that enables your players to enjoy Virtual Racing as if it were a real. Graphics can be customised with branded backgrounds.

Car Racing 


Virtual Car Racing from BetConstruct is a great business growth opportunity and a high revenue product that reproduces the excitement of betting on real Stock car racing. We offer 480 races daily; every 3 minutes. Players again have a chance to bet 24/7.

Virtual Bicycle


Cycling is rapidly becoming a high-profile sport in different markets around the globe. We offer 480 races daily; every 3 minutes. Punters can choose between 4 or 6 cyclists per round across a wide range of betting markets. 

Virtual Tennis 


Virtual Tennis extends your portfolio with a new high-revenue-generating product. The experience of Virtual Tennis is enhanced by high quality animated graphics and based on an analysis of more than 10.000 real tennis matches. We offer 360 Virtual Tennis matches; every 4 minutes across a wide range of betting markets. 

Marble Racing 


BetConstruct offers a totally new Virtual Sports type, Marble Racing. This is a captivating competition where individual marbles are pushed across racetracks. We offer 480 races a day and a new game starts every 3 minutes. Players are given 10 marbles to choose from and a large choice of betting markets.

Virtual Drag Racing


Virtual Drag Racing is a fast-paced one-on-one racing game with automobiles. Unlike other in-house virtuals of BetConstruct, Drag Racing features only two opponents at a time. A car versus car type of race allows for shorter gaming sessions, thus more matches to accept bets on. Virtual Drag Racing renews once every 2 minutes and makes up a total of 500 races a day. Detailed graphics, fluid animation and background combined with realistic sound effects boost the betting portfolio and make Drag Racing a real show stopper.


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ONJN (Romania National Gambling Office) Class II License Decision with the following number: 1017. 

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