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Offer your players a complete range of betting opportunities via 11,500 unique live videos per month including 9,000+ eSports streamed in HD.

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Live Sports on-demand Video Streaming allows players to catch up on the event of their choice or to rewatch particular plays or sections of a game. BetConstruct’s eSports video streaming includes optional live odds feed and statistics. It provides the flexibility you require to receive odds or create them in-house. All matches are recorded exclusively at the BetConstruct secure facility and all players are subject to BetConstruct’s rigorous risk management regimen.  

The service comes with a powerful set of tools including reporting, all combined into a single dashboard interface. With the dashboard, it is possible to monitor; package information, the number of matches streamed per month, the number of matches viewed per month, views per match, countries wherein matches were viewed, all hosting domain data available, average duration time and internet traffic.


There is also Friendship, a new platform operating on a pay-per-match basis. Instead of going for whole tournaments, competitions, etc., operators can book only the sporting events they want, once they enable the Friendship platform.



  • 11,500 unique live videos per month including 9,000+ eSports
  • 15 sports including eSports
  • Wide range of video protocols including webRTC
  • Low delay for 3 seconds
  • Odds included on request



Pay Per Match

Supported Channels

Supported channels (mobile, web) live sports video streaming

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White Label



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API Integration

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