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Live Scouting Data

Live Scouting Data provides accurate and fast live data from different sports events around the globe. The sports we cover are Soccer, Volleyball, Basketball, Ice Hockey, Handball, Table Tennis, Beach Volleyball and Futsal.

  • Overview 

    Fast and secure - use the power of Live Scouting Data powered by Megafeed to set odds quickly.

    More Speed
    Take full advantage of match data sent in milliseconds by our proprietary app.

    More Security
    Swift and accurate live data service relaying real action as it happens.

    More Coverage
    Monthly coverage of up to 5000 matches around the world includes local and regional games.

    Key Features

    5,000 matches coverage every month
    8 sports (Soccer, Ice Hockey, Volleyball, Basketball, Handball, Table Tennis, Beach Volleyball and Futsal)
    70+ countries covered (with the possibility of operating in additional countries at a partner’s request)
    1000+ scouts working around the world
    Coverage where video streaming may not be available
    Excellent coverage of 'special interest' regional/local matches
    Availability of ball tracking via the new application


    Partner is charged at a flat rate of 6.50 euros per match.

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