Live Scouting Data  

Make the most of the accurate and reliable live data from popular sporting events around the globe provided by our team of professional scouts.

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The scouts send live match data from the venue in under 0.5 second. All Live Scouting Data is captured instantly, then relayed via fast and secure communications technology to our traders for odds calculation, based on the very latest match status. Currently, the sports we cover are Soccer, Volleyball, Basketball, Ice Hockey, Beach Volleyball, Snow Volleyball, Table Tennis, Futsal, Handball, Badminton, Squash and Sambo. Our team of 1,500+ scouts work around the world, attending matches that range from global fixtures to «local contests". Live monitoring division ensures the highest quality of our product by using a data flow verification system. 



  • 12 sports covered
  • 15+ exclusive leagues
  • 10,000+ matches every month  
  • 2,000+ exclusive Table Tennis matches with video streaming every month
  • 70+ countries covered (additional countries at a partner’s request)
  • 24/7 live support by a dedicated supervisor for every match
  • Match quality rating system
  • Ball tracking via the scouting application



Per Match Fee


*Partner is charged at a flat rate of 6.50 per match. 

*Free API integration.

Solution Types

API Integration

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