BetConstruct Bets on Its Live Scouting Data Service

BetConstruct Bets on Its Live Scouting Data Service

BetConstruct has recently expanded its offering of Live Scouting Data, based on three pillars – fast delivery, flexible sales model and broad coverage.


BetConstruct distributes live data, one of the hottest commodities in sports, to its partners through a network of over 750 scouts who forward information directly from venues of different sporting events.


The sophisticated industry of live scouting data is driven by the growing demand for real-time data. Once limited to basic statistics, that data now includes everything from the injury time to the flight of a ball. To help BetConstruct partners meet this demand for real-time data, the company exclusively partners with Megafeed.


Currently, BetConstruct takes advantage of Megafeed's extensive scouting covering four sports in 45 countries and state-of-the-art technologies that run in-house. The company also provides full service and 24/7 support.


A no-package model, fast delivery and broad coverage are at the heart of the company’s strategies for its Live Scouting Data service.


No-package-no-obligations model


The no-package model makes it possible for BetConstruct partners to create their own set of sporting events to be covered. From receiving data only for one match of the Italian Campionato Primavera to having real-time data from all international volleyball friendlies, BetConstruct partners have an opportunity to compile their unique sets of odds types depending on their individual needs. The usage-based model is successfully deployed, and is a part of the company’s numerous models. This approach allows BetConstruct to charge its partners according to usage instead of charging a flat monthly fee for matches they don’t need at all, frees them of contracts and additional obligations.

However, as the Live Scouting Data Service has matured, BetConstruct’s evolution hasn’t halted at a single model, but rather, a refinement of different possible partnership models to accommodate specific goals operators may have. BetConstruct are flexible and ready to provide the coverage of events a partner may want to include in their odds offering, and with a design they find appropriate.

Additionally, BetConstruct offers the most competitive price in the market: 1 match for 6.5 Euros.


Fast and secure way to set odds quickly


Whatever happens on the sporting event venue should instantly be reflected in our partners’ systems. The quickest and perhaps most costly approach requires placing scouts inside stadiums with mobile devices that instantly transmit events like goals during a soccer match or free throws during a basketball game. The most recent statistics for the Live Scouting Data service shows that over 80 percent of events were reported in less than half a second.

Speed has always been essential for betting operators, which now offer countless in-play bets on things like whether there will be a red card. Once the event occurs, the information must reach operators so they can immediately close the wager, otherwise someone in the stadium could quickly place a bet on their mobile device.

Available in JSON and XML formats, the in-house application by Megafeed allows scouts to relay events significantly faster than live video streaming.

Of no less importance is the quality of the information scouts transmit. Scouts are trained in order to exclude any possible mistake. Most importantly, online monitoring is conducted during which the information is validated against alternative sources, including official websites.


Broad coverage of events on all continents


Along with speed and quality, coverage determines the success of a live data service. As BetConstruct partners with Megafeed's scouting network of 750 people reporting from all continents, the company manages to forward live statistics from 4,000 matches every month. Soccer, volleyball, basketball and ice hockey are only the starting point. It is planned to launch the coverage of handball and beach volleyball this summer. BetConstruct simultaneously gives its partners an opportunity to request any other sporting event from a country they might want.

With respect to the Live Scouting Data Service, continuous expansion and development concern not only sports and leagues but the scouting network and technologies as well, which will secure the fast delivery of reliable data.

Accuracy of on-the-ground reporting combined with fast and secure communications powered by Megafeed gets the action to BetConstruct's partners fast, thus helping them decrease chances of fraud, arbitrage betting and other types of cheating, as well as improve player numbers and retention.