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Casino Suite Software

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Exciting range of 3,000 casino games from BetConstruct AND other major suppliers.
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Key Features
Fresh and exciting range of 3,000+ games
Wide and growing mobile games portfolio.
Innovative designs, powerful graphic engines, 3D animation
Games also from NetEnt, Microgaming, iSoftbet, NYX, Playson and others
Certified RNG systems
Back office reporting and monitoring tools
Possibility to set up other products at a single price
Frequently Asked Questions
What do Online Casino Games offer to gaming industry?
Today’s online casino games are a true phenomenon of the gaming industry. They provide players with a unique combination of excitement, involvement, thrills and pure entertainment. For operators, they are an excellent route to portfolio diversification, enhanced appeal to existing and new players and sustainable business growth. The BetConstruct casino games offer stands out because of its breadth, our policy of constantly adding new games and our relationship with other suppliers.
What does the Casino Suite from BetConstruct include?
As part of BetConstruct’s continuing commitment to our partners and their business growth, we offer a superb range of online casino games. Right now, there are 3,000 individual games to choose from and they can be integrated easily into any existing platform. We are also in ongoing development of new games, so that our partners can continue to refresh their portfolio and stay ahead of the competition through the appeal of innovation. All the games in our portfolio are designed for beginners and more experienced players to enjoy, so a broad appeal to the market is assured. Choice means loyalty, as well as new players, with a positive impact on customer lifetime value and revenue streams.
Why to choose the Casino Suite from BetConstruct?
BetConstruct takes a unique approach to building our online casino games portfolio. Because we know that choice is at the heart of real appeal to players, we include games from our competitors. This way, our partners can access the very best in casino games from a range of big name suppliers that include Microgaming, NetEnt & NYX.
How often do you offer new games?
BetConstruct offers our partners the option of four new games every month, so that the appeal of their portfolio keeps on growing.
What are the main characteristics of the Casino Suite Games from BetConstruct?
All the games we provide feature innovative designs, powerful graphic engines, user-friendly interfaces and intuitive navigation. For your players, there are hours of playing time to enjoy. For your business, there is a robust and sustainable revenue stream.
Do you offer mobile games?
As mobile becomes a central part of the player experience, BetConstruct will be delivering more than 135 mobile games, so that players can enjoy access to their personal online casino, even when they are on the move. Player engagement can be uninterrupted, with a positive impact on stake values and revenue.
What are the key technical features of the Casino Suite from BetConstruct?
Integration onto any platform
Fast deployment
Full customisation
Hosted Service
24/7 operation
Certified RNG systems
Back office reporting and monitoring tools
Full risk management