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Sportsbook Software

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The most complete Sportsbook software available ‐ 30,000 live matches every month.
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Key Features
30,000 Live matches every month
40,000+ Pre‐match events every month
140 + sports
Native applications for iOS and Android
Four views: Classic, Modern, Asian and Combo
Multilingual and multicurrency
Expert Risk Management
Products Included in Sportsbook
Pool Betting
Multi window item1 image
Pool Betting
Global appeal
Easy to market and manage
Rapid ROI
Drives up Gross Wager Values
Cross-selling potential
Frequently Asked Questions
Why should I choose Sportsbook from BetConstruct?
Whether you are running a single betting shop or a whole chain of retail premises, whether you work online or across multiple channels, Sportsbook from BetConstruct provides your business with the tools to compete against the very best in the industry and come out ahead. For existing operators, Sportsbook is a proven route to attracting new players and driving up wager values, through the biggest choice of live matches in the industry and a great betting experience. Gaming business startups can also enjoy all these advantages, as can operators looking to move into more mainstream markets.
What does your white label Sportsbook include?
BetConstruct’s white label Sportsbook offering includes all elements necessary to start your Sports betting business quickly and includes the following elements:

Website Creation
Website Hosting
Design and Skinning
Content Management
User-friendly front end (Flash/HTML5)
Licensing assistance
Free account management., bookmaking risk management and support services
What product support do you provide?
All Sportsbook partners are offered a complete range of product and award winning professional services support. All services are provided free of additional charge.

Strong Trading and Risk Management department (300+ professionals)
Comprehensive Risk Management
B2B Account Management
B2C Support (Support for your customers)
Licensing Assistance
Regular software updates
Does Sportsbook support multiple mobile and browser platforms?
Sportsbook has been engineered to support a range of mobile platforms and browser types. Detailed Sportsbook capabilities are listed below:

Multiple device deployment (for greater player accessibility).
Compatible with all browsers, smartphones, tablets and also supports WAP browsing.
Web-based for iOS/Android.
Pre-match and live betting modules available on mobile.
Real time XML feed available for marketing.
Downloadable retail and back office tool.
Integration of third party applications (e.g. Quickfire).
All odds updated in real time (using true push technology).
What is an on-premises database, and why might I use this capability?
With the on-premises player database, BetConstruct partners can host sensitive information about their players on their own servers allowing them meet their legal requirements and other data protection obligations. Partners operating Sportsbook and Casino products can connect to this database via the API integration.
What is Cashout?
Cashout is a Sportsbook function that allows your players to take a return before an event is finished. This function is appealing both to you and your players. For you, as an operator, all cashed out bets will be paid at a discount to the current price of the bet, reducing the costs of winning bets. For your players, this is an exciting new option and a benefit that they will receive when betting with you.

Note, that Cashout works only on events selected by you, thus you maintain full control of this new facility.
What is Superbet?
SuperBet is a Sportsbook function allowing players to place a bet bigger than operators’ established limits. From an operator perspective, Superbet gives an exceptional opportunity to keep VIP clients on your website, at the matches you want them to play.

Superbet works by allowing Risk Management to individually inspect each Superbet and either accept the bet or offer another lower bet amount to the player.

For example, a major game has a maximum allowed bet of EUR 100. Your player wants to bet more. No problem! Now they can check the SuperBet box and enter any amount they want to bet. BetConstruct Risk Management specialists will receive the request from your players and either instantly approve it or offer an alternative option.
What is Asian View Sportsbook?
Asian View Sportsbook presents the player with a list of matches and their main markets rather than one match with all its markets. Furthermore, markets are grouped into categories so that players can view different types of markets for a list of matches. With our Asian View Sportsbook players are able to determine which competitions are in their list of matches on daily basis.

Events in Asian View Sportsbook are split into 3 categories:

Matches that are live now
Matches that take place today (including live now)
Future matches (listed by day)
What is pool betting? Does BetConstruct offer pool betting for its Sportsbook?
Pool Betting is one of the most popular types of betting, worldwide. It appeals in markets where traditional betting is illegal, including the US and Japan. (There are no odds involved.) It uses a format where players' bets on the result of sports matches are directly contributed to a "pot" or "pool". The winnings distributed depend on the total contributed to the pool and the number of successful selections made by the players.

Pool Betting from BetConstruct provides a powerful advantage, for gaming business start-ups and established operators alike. Pool Betting is highly attractive when player numbers in the pool are healthy. For effective marketers – who know how to attract plenty of player traffic – this is a very interesting product.
How does the Pool Betting Gameplay work?
Usually, each pot has a total of 15 games. In order to win the Jackpot, the player has to correctly guess the outcome of all 15 (win, lose or draw). To manage their risks and keep them low, operators choose games where the teams playing have equal chances of winning. Typically, this means no famous teams or obvious choices. This approach makes Pool Betting closer to a lottery than an actual skill game. The probability that any one player will correctly predict the outcomes of all 15 games is very low.
How do the Pool organisers make profit?
Pool Betting guarantees that the organisers will make a profit, no matter what the outcome. How? Because they have (say) their 10% revenue share and the pool itself is made up of the total number of players. The Jackpot consists of the pool (all participating players’ money) plus whatever amount the operator adds in, to attract more players. If no player in the pool guesses enough correct outcomes (say 9 out of 15), then the players lose all the money in the pool and this amount of money goes to Jackpot.
Why is Pool Betting interesting to start-up operators?
Pool Betting from BetConstruct offers connectivity to a global network, to drive up player numbers. Smaller operators can join our network, to facilitate play with an existing pool of players. If they choose this option, they can leave operational issues – such as choice of games and Jackpot level – to be handled buy our expert traders and bookmakers. This leaves them totally free to focus on what really matters: increasing traffic and player numbers and growing their business.

With good participating player numbers, ROI is quick. This is an easy-to-market and easy-to-manage product. And Pool Betting is ideal for driving up wager values without cannibalising existing business.
How are the “pots” calculated in Pool Betting ?
For all Pool Betting tournaments the “pots” are calculated with a unit stake of 1 Euro. Therefore, the minimum bet stake amount is 1 Euro, or the equivalent in the currency of each player. Example: a player staking 10 Euros has 10 unit stakes in the current game. The game “pool” and Jackpot are applicable to all players and are decided on by the operating company and site management.
How are the bet winnings paid from the Pool?
Pool Betting bet winnings are paid from the pool, which is equivalent to no more than 90% of the amount represented by participant’s game tickets for the current draw. There is thus a reliable 10% rake. All the options are won when 9 or more outcomes are correctly predicted. If one of the participants in the current draw does not predict at least 10 outcomes correctly, then 50% of the value of the pool is divided between participants who guessed the 9 outcomes correctly. (If there are fewer participants, then the pool is divided between players who guessed 8 outcomes correctly, and so on). If one of the participants in the current draw does not predict at least 1 outcome correctly, then the draw is considered to be cancelled and all bet money is returned. One option takes part in its distribution, as well as in fewer projected outcomes of all the winning categories distribution. For example, if 12 outcomes are predicted in one version, then it wins according to 11, 10 and 9 categories.
How are the bet winnings distributed from the Pool?
The pool is distributed in the following ratios: 15 correctly predicted outcomes - 10% of the pool, 14 correctly predicted outcomes - 10% of the pool, 13 correctly predicted outcomes - 10% of the pool, 12 correctly predicted outcomes - 10% of the pool, 11 correctly predicted outcomes - 10% of the pool, 10 correctly predicted outcomes - 18% of the pool, 9 correctly predicted outcomes - 32% of the pool. A cumulative Jackpot is provided to the first category of correctly predicted outcomes (15 correctly predicted outcomes) generated from the previous draw.
Can the Jackpot be increased in Pool Betting?
Yes. The operator has the right to increase the jackpot, at their own cost, and to set any minimum bet for each tournament. If the necessary number of outcomes is not predicted correctly by any of the participants in one of the 5 categories, then the pool of that category is transferred to the cumulative Jackpot for the following pool.