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Agent System Software


BetConstruct Agent System turns the relationships between agents and players they know into transactions for you as they recommend players to place bets and enjoy gaming on and offline with your offer. They also enjoy a number of enhancements designed to grow their involvement, their loyalty and their average spend. The system provides agents full information about their players' balance and bet histories. The agent's reward is based on the commission on the income generated by each player they recommend. 
A well-run agent network has the capability to leverage multiple agents' personal contacts, transforming recommendations into new players, new revenue streams and increased profits. The operator's risk is minimized because the agent payout is linked to the operator's profit (agent commission cost is not a fixed overhead).  
Prior to full set-up, the operators can specify the number of system levels they need and the identity of each level. Every operator can access all the same information held by each of the agents. They have a complete overview of the risk status within the system and the amounts wagered and won. They also have a full access to the profits both by an individual agent and those aggregated. And, with a full view of all players' accounts, they can calculate the risks and adjust odds ahead of taking bets.



  • Complete transparency and control over all incoming cash streams
  • Full information on income and expenditure
  • Increase of players’ effective spend time
  • Cross-platform and cross-device
  • Cross-currency reporting
  • Full transaction overview including real and credit transactions
  • Multi-currency operation


No Setup Fee

*Monthly fee is €1.000 only for BetConstruct partners.

*Agent System comes free with BetConstruct Sportsbook, Poker and Casino for three months. The monthly fee is €1.000, starting from the 4th month.

Smart Package


*Smart Package includes CRM, Affiliate Marketing, Agent System, Statistics, DDOS Protection and Hosting. 

Supported Channels

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