SoftConstruct Presents Fast Token

SoftConstruct Presents Fast Token

SoftConstruct is pleased to announce the development of a value storage and transfer system, in response to the increasing demand from our customers, partners and developers. FastToken is shaped to rediscover our customer base as a growing community that wants to stay connected and share experience.

CEO and Founder of SoftConstruct Vigen Badalyan says that FastToken will reveal untapped opportunities for cross border, cross platform, cross product gaming and entertaining activities. It is designed to be a fully functional payment unit in the wide pool of iGaming venues while giving the community members substantial privileges and special rights.

We are creating a strong tool of team and community building that will be equally valuable for service providers and their customers. The underlying technology of the token will be integrated with our newly launched ,,Fast Shift,, payment gateway. It will create a modern, low cost and easy-to-use value transfer and storage system.

The Company is fully confident of its technical in-house capacity to operate such a sophisticated system. Meanwhile we fully understand and embrace the growing aspiration towards decentralization and peer to peer technologies. That is why the system will be developed to provide a combination of processing efficiency with new social standards of decentralized platforms.