BetConstruct Gets Its Corporate Culture into Shape

BetConstruct Gets Its Corporate Culture into Shape

At BetConstruct we seek to develop programs that promote a healthy working environment as part of our corporate and cultural development. To this end both a healthy lifestyle and sporting excellence are attributes we choose associate with our brand.

As in all sports, we at BetConstruct set rules, pursue common goals, and winning depends on individual commitment as well as team spirit. Our employee-oriented organisation works to improve the company’s performance and encourage workers to enhance our competitive position by delivering quality products and services.

Sport is an activity our employees embrace, and the wellness programs we have developed are a reflection of their preferences and feedback.

Each year the sporting spirit unites BetConstruct’s football players and their dedicated supporters as the company’s teams compete in the IT Futsal Cup and the Futsal Business League. For one team, the Invincibles of Betconstruct, a newly formed team of tech-savvy athletes, success was swift as they took second place at IT Futsal Cup 2015, after completing the tournament undefeated. The Invincibles’ unbeaten run stretched to the 2016 season, where they established themselves as the competition’s ‘team to beat’.

Through sports BetConstruct builds bonds among its employees - be it players or their supporters. Teammates’ motivation - those high fives and silent glances of appreciation - have an effect on the whole team. Sport makes our employees cooperate, not compete. The team spirit in a broader perspective affects the workflow of the company because the positive vibes the employees generate at stadiums reach the office spaces and enhance the achievement potential.

“Football is about understanding and backing your teammates regardless of mistakes or differences. Both on the field and at work we encourage one another and achieve greater levels of success because we are a team.” Yuri Ghazaryan, goalkeeper

Inevitably mistakes happen at some point both in sports and at work. We are far from perfect and we seek to create a culture where “failing fast” is supported providing it leads to better outcomes. At BetConstuct we are constantly challenged, and we welcome innovative ideas that provide rapid solutions as part of our work projects.

A team is only as strong as its weakest link. Our employees learn from sports that every player on the team has a role, even the substitutes. We choose to hone our leadership abilities and deepen our talent pool effectively building leaders at all levels!

These energetic leaders can take part in yoga lessons to achieve a level of inner peace, as well as in BetConstruct Olympics which recently brought together 16 teams of 200 participants for 2 months.

BetConstruct, proudly integrates a healthy lifestyle and sports into a corporate culture as a way to building effective working relationships that will evolve into teams capable of producing winning products and services.