BetConstruct Further Improves Its Technical Skills

BetConstruct Further Improves Its Technical Skills

At BetConstruct we constantly build up our team of engineers, software developers and other IT professionals to strengthen our technical capabilities and ensure an uninterrupted flow of our partners’ operations.

This year we embarked on the process of expanding technical teams in all our 10 global offices. This is done to effectively accommodate our growth and make sure our partners are always taken care of. For instance, our development team in Kiev, Ukraine will soon expand to over 50 highly qualified engineers, support specialists and bookmakers. Other regional offices are seeing the same type of growth to support more functions worldwide.

Every day BetConstruct developers focus on creating innovative and reliable solutions to meet the needs of our partners throughout the world. Besides, BetConstruct has employed top-notch technologies to secure the technical facet of its operations.

We have partnered with Datacenter Luxembourg to have Tier 4 status for our servers, the highest level of guarantee that a data center can provide, with 99.99% availability. Currently, all company servers are located in Luxembourg - at the heart of the European e-Business hub. Datacenter Luxembourg is linked to the major international Internet backbones, with connections to hundreds of exchange partners. This allows Datacenter to provide high speed, low latency and redundant Internet access. Thanks to this partnership, our servers can withstand even the most serious of technical incidents without their availability ever being affected.

Recently, BetConstruct has also finished deploying its Swarm integration module to Google Cloud, and now the company provides Google Cloud-powered gaming and betting to its 200 partners. The autoscaling capabilities Google Cloud platform allows us to automatically add or remove instances thus ensuring that our partners effectively implement and control their operations and their activities are never interrupted.

Armed with the most scalable and reliable technical solutions created by our talented team of engineers, BetConstruct will continue providing our partners with innovative gaming technology and services.