BetConstruct Showcases the Potential of VR Technology

BetConstruct Showcases the Potential of VR Technology

Ahead of ICE Totally Gaming 2018, the iGaming Times magazine interviewed Rafael Badalyan, product owner of BetConstruct’s Virtual Reality Casino. Sharing the company insights, we discussed how augmented reality is penetrating the gaming industry.


After months of intensive research and development, leading gaming solutions supplier BetConstruct is set to unveil a suite of new virtual reality casino products at this year’s ICE.


Drawing on almost a decade of experience in creating quality gaming products, these latest projects aim to bring the thrill of the brick-and-mortar casino to the comfort of players’ homes.


One of the company’s casino products – the culmination of ten months’ R&D efforts – is an entire virtual-reality casino with a sports-bar and a full suite of slot machines, which players can explore via ergonomic controllers.


The firm has also developed a gripping live-dealer experience that integrates ultra-realistic VR visuals with the company’s existing live dealer product, produced round-the-clock in their on-site studios.


“We built the live dealer environment using VR technologies, keeping all the key elements and making it as interactive as possible,” explained Rafayel Badalyan, product owner, VR casino.


“We came across a virtual reality casino years ago and thought: why not put a live dealer in that environment? If the live dealer casino brought the excitement of playing in a brick and mortar casino into our homes, the VR live dealer has brought it one step closer.”


To add to this realistic experience, BetConstruct has paid particular attention to bringing social elements into the virtual reality world. Players at the live dealer table, for example, can interact directly with the dealer, as well as selecting a “multi-player mode” to play with their friends.


Meanwhile, players visiting the VR casino can also link up with a group of friends in the online space – as if getting friends together on real trip to the casino.


“VR and AR bring forth new player experiences and we make social part of it – we seek to humanize the game,” explained Badalyan.


“Players always appreciate the interaction and communication. That’s why we have polished our games and added a multiplayer mode that will surely make virtual reality gaming way more attractive to everyone. It creates closeness.”


While R&D around VR and AR has been ongoing at the BetConstruct headquarters for several months, ICE and LAC will be one of the first major showcases of the results of this hard work. In London this February, the company will be presenting its impressive VR casino – currently available on – as well as the multi-player enabled VR Live Dealer. In addition, attendees at these shows will be able to see a hybrid slot machine, VivaroGo; an AR quest game; a VR Stand that offers a VR game with betting functionality, and Expo Builder, a new way to connect with business partners in virtual reality.


“As a forward-looking company, there was no doubt that we would start to explore VR and be at the forefront of bringing VR technologies into the gambling industry,” said Badalyan.


“Backed by our experience in developing live casino games and slots, we decided to bring together traditions and innovations. In doing so, we stayed true to our vision of delivering affordable cutting- edge solutions to B2C providers.”


“The most beautiful part about this is that it is as affordable as any other product we provide – even though it takes a lot of resources,” he added.


Looking to the future, it seems virtual reality will increasingly become a cornerstone of the gaming industry, with players becoming increasingly adapted to tapping into a VR experience both in land-based and online casinos. Because of this, Badalyan explained, these latest achievements of BetConstruct’s R&D team are likely to be only the beginning.


“We trust VR and AR will be expanding with a greater integration into the gaming industry, and that VR solutions will be available for both online and land-based proper- ties,” he said. “Players will be able to play their favourite games without leaving their home or in special lobby in a real casino – reality in reality. All enthusiasts, professionals, business owners and innovators will make VR part of their operation or offering, as it will be profitable for everyone in its own way.”