Bad Beat Guard Secures a Win-Win in Poker

Bad Beat Guard Secures a Win-Win in Poker

Bad Beat Guard tables, the latest update in BetConstruct’s Poker Software, comes to enhance a player’s trust as the product levels up.

BetConstruct has recently introduced the new feature of No Bad Beat tables which makes it possible to refund a player’s contribution to the pot if they experience a Poker Bad Beat. The simplest definition of a bad beat is when a player with stronger cards loses to another player who has the second best poker hand.

Now in BetConstruct’s poker lobby there are tables with the designation BBG (Bad Beat Guard) designed to protect players in all-in situations from bad beats. Bad Beat Guard is set at 70.0%. BBG is activated when one of the players has a win rate higher than 70%. If the player with a higher win rate (e.g. 91.62%) loses to his opponent with a lower win rate (e.g. 8.38%), the first player qualifies for BBG action. The player who loses irrespective of stronger cards is refunded for that hand.

Along with this massive update, we at BetConstruct constantly upgrade the Poker Software suite to stay on top of trends and ensure newcomers, dedicated Poker grinders or those who play a high- risk game leave the lobby content.

BetConstruct’s Poker Software now boasts flexible rakeback and rake race systems. Rake race is calculated based on poker points that players generate during the specified period. It can be filtered according to the game type and limits. Meanwhile, our flexible rakeback system enables partners to take full control over rakeback.

We at BetConstruct believe that flashy graphics and creative use of marketing communications are essential but to actually retain players and partners takes more than that. The range of key functionalities provided by our Poker Software suite presently encompasses fraud and risk management and back office systems, 24/7 B2B support and comprehensive statistics and reporting, cross platform support and sleek and highly customisable software.

Our team of developers works diligently to architect most scalable software while the risk managers take an in-depth look at all activities and give comments to protect the partner’s business. Most importantly, the back-office system lets our partners better regulate games through highly useful information on a wide range of aspects.

And all these activities, coupled with dedication to our partners and players, add up to a superb service with special appeal for poker connoisseurs and an aim for win-win.