Attract New Players & Increase Revenue with Skill Games

Attract New Players & Increase Revenue with Skill Games

Operators seeking new ways to engage their players, or attract new players need look no further than Skill Games from BetConstruct. With three widely enjoyed games, players can play against their peers as well as participate in a number of tournaments organized by their operator, or in network events where players from multiple operators compete for larger prize funds.

Appealing to a wide audience, Skill Games includes Backgammon, Belotte & Deberc as well the newly available and rapidly growing Chinese Poker. Chinese Poker has gained popularity in recent years and is now played at a number of high profile online poker tournaments. The BetConstruct game also includes three variants to the standard game Classic, Pineapple and Turbo.

Operators can customise the Skill Games offering to the preferences of their local audience by tailoring the look and feel as well as local language translations.

Skill games is a true omni-channel product, allowing players to engage in tournaments on their platform of choice. Due to a responsive HTML 5 version, Skill games is available for both mobile and desktop play.

As an alternative to traditional casino, skill games offer a real opportunity to attract new players and achieve incremental revenue growth.