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Well Managed Odds
Apply the power of hundreds of professionals, global markets expertise and a robust, comprehensive and reliable odds system.
Well Managed Odds Adjustment
Our Traders update the odds for matches in progress. 30,000 live matches coverage a month, supported by our global reporting network.
Well Managed Risk
With deep understanding of players and patterns of play, Risk Managers use their insights to set parameters like player limits, bet delay or decline.
 Fraud and Risk Management – Experience The BetConstruct Advantage

Across our Fraud and Risk Management Service, the skills of our Bookmakers, Traders and Risk Managers are focused on accuracy, professionalism and responsiveness. We cover more live matches than any other gaming platform supplier in the world – at 30,000 every month. We include regional leagues and divisions in fast growing markets (e.g. the Indian National League and local Korean Baseball) that we know are important to many of our partners' businesses.

In a highly dynamic global market, BetConstruct's Fraud and Risk Management Service never stands still. We constantly work, 24/7, to improve the quality of the odds we provide. We are applying innovative software to make our service function vital seconds faster than our competitors. And we are investing in significant expansion of our own, dedicated live data gathering network, as we grow a team of 450 professional match observers (scouts) worldwide. Their secure data feedback - via fast digital networks and specially developed apps – enables real time odds adjustment that factors in key match developments as they happen.

It's an impressive system. And it's available at an affordable price to help support our partners' profitable growth.

Ensuring Fair Play – For Operators And Their Customers

Fair play, for operators and players themselves, is at the core of every successful gaming business. For established businesses and start-ups, market-competitive odds that adjust responsively through a live match mean a sports betting experience that bettors will want to repeat. Operators will benefit from a well-run business with effectively managed risk and exposure. And while all BetConstruct partners remain responsible for the odds and the player limits they set, our Fraud And Risk Management Service can play a key role in protecting their business.

Our professionals and our systems remain aware and alert for warning signs of risk. For example, when we observe (pre match or during live play) that one of our partners is receiving a large number of correct bets, we can warn them about the possible risks and potential exposure. Our partner will always make the final call to suspend betting or let the situation run. But they will have accurate and timely management information to help guide them. And in the case of every live match, we will responsively change the odds when appropriate as part of protecting their position.

Understanding Player Profiles – And Protecting Partner Businesses

When a new player is registered with an online gaming site, they are given 'new user' status by our system. Shortly afterwards, within 14 to 28 days, our professional Bookmakers will begin to follow the player's gaming activities and feed comments to the Risk Managers. Based on the Bookmakers' input, the Risk Managers will allocate a particular category to each new user. (Note that typically, we work with coded identities rather than the real personal details of players).

There are 13 player categories in total and they give us an instant insight into playing characteristics and preferences. They include: new user, female, VIP, hard player, common, trading analysis, tipping line, marker, problem-betting, arbitrage-betting - 2 types, late-betting, not playing, etc.).

Certain categories can then be handled in particular ways to enhance their experience and help to protect the operator's business. For example, VIP players are permitted higher betting limits and later bettors can have delays. Categories are related to current behaviour, not fixed. They are updated constantly and players can be re-categorised if their playing behaviour changes significantly.

Carefully Monitored Environment

During the normal course of business, players will make bets either before or during a match. Not every bet will be scrutinised automatically, but the Bookmakers or the Risk Managers potentially can examine any bet. If a problem is found with a bet, the Risk Managers can suggest that the Bookmakers cancel it. And each time a player wishes to withdraw an amount from their account, the Risk Managers take an in-depth look at that account to check for potential fraud or errors.

BetConstruct has 300 full time professional Risk Managers and Bookmakers – a powerful protection resource for our partner businesses. And while many well-established businesses tend to follow their own risk indicators and set their limits themselves, we still apply risk management disciplines (even without individual account details). We will always inform a partner if we believe we have detected an issue.

Fraud & Risk Management At A Glance

Our service provides all the practical parameters and routines needed to monitor and manage a wide range of typical gaming events and functionalities, including:

  • Betting Limit Management -
    • Maximum and Minimum Bets per Bet Shop and Agent
    • Betting Limits per Player based on Player History
    • Betting Limits per Player for particular Sports, Markets, Championships, Events
    • Bet Shop Limit
  • Bet Delay
  • Deposit and Withdrawal Management
  • Skill Segmentation
  • Identity Verification
  • Responsible Gaming -
    • Age Verification
    • Problem Betting
    • Self-Exclusion
    • Parental Controls
  • All with full 24/7 support, in English, Russian and Armenian
Make Sure YOUR Business Benefits From The BetConstruct Advantage

We have committed to delivering an industry leading Fraud and Risk Management Service. Here are just some of the key areas where we believe we can help put your business ahead:

  • Best Product - we cover more live matches than any other platform provider in the world. A full 30,000 live matches every month is the most coverage in the marketplace today. We also cover minor leagues and divisions in fast growing markets.
  • Outstanding Quality - we constantly work to improve the quality of odds provided and key initiatives include specialist training for our traders, and accessing wider industry expertise internationally.
  • Technology Innovations – we are applying new software to accelerate the process of user categorisation and odds changing (enabling service speeds ahead of competitors by a couple of seconds, in an environment where split seconds make a difference).
  • Live Match Presence – we are actively building our Scout network by recruiting 450 professionals worldwide. BetConstruct Scouts are skilled, trained observers who watch live games from the stadium and send instant information to enable our Traders to adjust odds.
  • Cost Effectiveness – we offer an excellent Fraud and Risk Management Service at a highly competitive price.
It All Adds Up To A Superb Service

300 full time professional Risk Managers and Bookmakers. A live scout presence worldwide, growing to 450 trained observers. 30,000 live matches coverage every month. 13 detailed player profiles. When you run the numbers, it's clear: the odds favour BetConstruct's industry leading Fraud & Risk Management, Bookmakers & Traders Service. Every time.