AI-powered risk management solution designed to detect and manage risky players.

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Do you want to safeguard your igaming business from potential gaming and betting risks, increase profitability and minimize the financial loss?  

BetConstruct has a solution for you - Umbrella. A cutting-edge AI-powered automated, SaaS is developed to detect and manage risky players to decrease financial loss for the betting operators, specifically designed for sports betting fraud management. It ensures comprehensive and high-level risk management through collaboration with Machine Learning at every stage of player’s journey from the registration through the whole life cycle. In other words, Sportsbook players’ information is collected automatically and taken care of by our risk management solution, yielding results that manual labor alone cannot provide.


One of the core components of the Umbrella system is the Anti-Fraud system. With the help of machine learning algorithms and mathematical models, it detects player Game Styles based on rules and scoring system; and multi accounts in the framework of one or more skins, even before any kind of financial transaction is performed.  

The system carries out automated limitation, management and overall control of players based on the matrix that is set per partner as a result of a deep analysis.  


Advanced alert notification system provides the users with both informative and suggestive alerts for responsive actions to avoid financial loss. Through the sophisticated reporting system users can follow up how the system and the risk managers operate within a given period.  


BetConstruct comprises also Anti Money Laundering and Responsible Gambling solutions per license in the framework of Umbrella.  



  • Comprehensive data analysis of players’ full lifecycle
  • Real-time response for the coincidence of set algorithms and parameters
  • Mass control of the player groups using multiple filters
  • Full automated and manual player categorization
  • Automated detection of risky and fraudulent players
  • Automated identification of multi-accounts
  • Detection of potential VIP players via AI
  • Real-time campaign monitor
  • Advanced report and alert notification system
  • User-friendly interface
  • High quality support and training



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*monthly fee depends on the amount of  active players and type of operation

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