Customer Relationship Management

Guarantee business growth with our automated marketing and analytics tool fully integrated with BetConstruct's Spring platform. 

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BetConstruct's CRM is a powerful automated marketing and analytics tool designed to fit our partners’ needs. The key advantage of the system is the fact that our CRM environment is fully integrated with the Spring platform, so that our partners won’t bother about the complex integration process. We provide the widest range of tools for data-driven marketing campaigns and player communication. We constantly develop and prepare them to meet modern challenges and our partners’ unique visions. From planning standalone promotions to execution, results gathering and analysis, CRM combines accuracy with deep insights. BetConstruct's CRM is not just a software solution. It is a service with high-quality support and a help desk. We value your time and needs just as our own.  
Taking advantage of CRM, BetConstruct partners will sustain relationship with their customers by tailoring specific offerings to individual customer’s needs. CRM's key component and application is its direct and two-sided interaction with customers through a variety of touchpoints. Our solution is gaming-specific, with a large number of filters applied specifically to sports and casino offerings by BetConstruct. 



  • Full integration with the Spring platform (including bonus engine)
  • Multi-lingual and web-based
  • Client segmentation with 240+ dynamic filters and their intersections
  • Activity-Triggered real-time customer journey through multiple touchpoints: registration, deposit, bet, login, etc. with instant responses
  • Marketing campaigns through multiple channels: email, SMS, internal messaging
  • Real-time campaign monitor
  • Machine Learning based RFM (Recency, Frequency, Monitoring) segmentation
  • Third-party messaging services providers’ integration
  • Email/SMS tracking and analytics
  • Analytics metrics, charts and reports through a customisable dashboard
  • Google calendar integration
  • Flexible and automated report generation across some 100+ parameters
  • On-demand custom reports with multichannel delivery scheduling service
  • New customer acquisition through non-customer static segments, leads generation
  • High-quality support and training


Monthly Fee


*CRM is only provided to BetConstruct partners.


Smart Package

Monthly Fee


*Smart Package includes CRM, Affiliate Marketing, Agent System, Statistics, DDOS Protection and Hosting.

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