BetConstruct Unlocks Creative Talent with SlotBuilder

BetConstruct Unlocks Creative Talent with SlotBuilder

Gaming solutions supplier BetConstruct has released a powerful new tool that promises to unleash the creative vision of would-be games designers from around the world. According to CEO Vahe Baloulian, the new SlotBuilder is a “simple concept”, but it could also (quite literally) turn out to be a game changer.


BetConstruct has always prided itself on thinking outside the box, but now the company hopes to take its inspiration from new sources with a tool that lets anyone design their own slot game. With SlotBuilder, industry insiders (and outsiders) without technical skills can unlock their creative potential and realise their vision for a new slot game.


Revealed for the first time at this year’s EiG Berlin, the innovative tool is just another step forward in BetConstruct’s quest to discover the best ideas from both in and outside of the industry and deliver them to its partners. Betting Business spoke with BetConstruct CEO Vahe Baloulian to find out more about it.


Betting Business: One of your flagship announcements at this year’s EiG, alongside your new Open Source Player Management System, was a new SlotBuilder. Could you talk me through this new tool?


Vahe Baloulian: It’s a simple concept. We wanted to find a way to tap into the vast pool of talented people that was not engaged by our industry. With the Open-Source Player Management System, we are aiming to involve developers. With the SlotBuilder, we hope to attract creative talent. Slots are made up of art and engineering. If we removed the engineering barrier by handling it for those in the creative realm, they could craft a story, come up with characters, prepare visuals and submit them through the SlotBuilder.

In short, the SlotBuilder is a platform for creative minds to bring their own unique concept and designs to life as an entertaining slot game. We offer all creative people a possibility of an achievement in the gaming world.

Once the designs are ready, authors can integrate them into the slot machine logic, choose the number of lines, change the reels’ layout, move buttons, add or delete menu sections and do more things to create a customized game. There are also templates for bonus types. After adding sounds that best suit their game, authors can save and preview it. If all is to their liking, they can add a logo with description and publish it.

Once we accept the game, we will promote it through our network of partners to their players and authors will start earning their share of the revenues generated by the game. The more popular the game is, the more revenue they will earn. It is as simple as that.


BB: How easy is it for someone who isn’t from a tech or even design background to try their hand at slot designing with your SlotBuilder?


Lack of technical background is not an impediment. Lack of creative skills and talent is a problem. No technical knowledge is required because we handle the math, logic and development – that’s the idea behind the SlotBuilder. However, those who want to leave their mark and make money while at it, at the very least must be able to craft a story and create the visuals for the SlotBuilder. We will act not only as their development team but as their sales team as well by offering it to our partners and other distributors.


BB: What incentives are you offering for would-be games designers who design a slot for you?


Aside from the financial incentives, because they will be taking their share of the revenues generated by their games, the authors will be able to see their game enjoyed worldwide. They can build a name for themselves as game creators. With BetConstruct as their sales and marketing ally, even the sky is not the limit.


BB: With the SlotBuilder tool and your Open Source code, you can pool the creativity of people outside of the company who may not be industry ‘insiders’. Are you looking for fresh perspectives?


VB: We don’t limit our call for the talent to the industry ‘insiders’. We are hoping to attract creative geniuses regardless of their experience in the industry. We are looking for people who can rise above the traditional ideas, constraints, models and dream up mind-blowing stories with stunning visuals and sound effects.


BB: Are you really expecting to find the next industry ‘hit’ this way?


VB: Why not? We don’t know how long it will take. Creativity always gives hope that a great idea will be unearthed soon or later and will become a ‘hit’. It makes life more fun and more interesting. We believe that creativity is about the freedom to make mistakes and courage to act as the testing ground for these mistakes. We know that whatever we do can always be improved. With SlotBuilder and our Open-Source initiative we want to use our or others’ creativity in this infinite process.