BetConstruct Revolutionises BM with Spring BME

BetConstruct Revolutionises BM with Spring BME

Fresh from a successful run at this year’s iGaming Super Show, BetContruct has announced the roll-out of its latest concept: Spring BME, an intuitive and comprehensive tool for B2C operators to manage all aspects of their business. For David Gasparyan, BetConstruct’s CTO, the revolutionary potential of this new tool lies in its user-friendly simplicity.


As any operator knows, the multiple threads that go into of the day-to-day running of a business are as complicated as the tech behind the products themselves – and just as important. This is part of the reason why BetConstruct, one of the industry’s leading B2B suppliers, has developed a new concept to assist its B2C partners with that precise thing.


Introduced on 11 July at the iGaming Super Show in Amsterdam, Spring Business Management Environment (BME) creates a complete management infrastructure for gaming operators. Everything they need – including marketing, legal, accounting, risk management and bookmaking services – is at hand on one user-friendly dashboard, with operators given the chance to deliver new gaming and betting products to their players with a single click.


“By introducing Spring BME, we are extending the concept of an online gaming platform with built-in business services, multi-tenancy support and B2B marketplace,” said BetConstruct CTO David Gasparyan. “Our primary goal is to bring all vendors, technology providers and operators into a friendly and comfortable environment. All we have developed so far is incorporated into Spring BME: products, tools, knowledge, and expertise.”


The powerful potential of BME lies partly in its deceptive simplicity, integrating effortlessly with existing products in a truly multi-channel capacity. In a single management dashboard, deployed in retail, online and mobile settings, BetConstruct has managed to bring together more than 26 solutions and 240 payment methods for the convenience of its partners.


“Spring BME doesn't really interfere with existing products,” Gasparyan explained. “It combines and extends the management tools we and our partners use daily and creates an ecosystem for new ones. Our marketing and CRM tools are part of the environment itself, adding to all other products and services.”


One of the most innovative and exciting aspects of the concept is the ease of ordering new products via BME. BetConstruct’s comprehensive suite of games and services – whether in-house or integrated from other providers – will become immediately available for operators to benefit from, delivering from the dashboard to the end-user in a single click.


By assimilating the supplier’s latest Open Source projects within Spring BME, partners can even contribute to the product pool by developing their own compelling games and digital products.


“The main advantage for our existing and future business partners is the ability to manage all products and services in one place as well as receive updates and new features without tension,” said Gasparyan. “Additionally, they can create websites themselves and become a reseller.”


If the key to successful engineering is transforming the complex into the simple, the development team at BetConstruct have found success with BME. Asked about the process for creating such an intuitive and user-friendly product, Gasparyan points to a familiar BetConstruct mantra: that everything is a learning process.


“The answer is simple: we use our day-to-day experience and we incrementally improve our platforms based on internal and external feedback,” he commented. “When developing BME, we tried to bring together every product and service we believe important for a B2C provider, presenting them in the most user-friendly way. And, naturally, there is a feedback section that will help us improve the performance.”


True to this spirit, the B2B supplier will be rolling out Spring BME to existing partners this month, with the first quarter acting as a ‘pilot’ period. Through constant monitoring of performance and feedback from operators, Gasparyan and his team plan to tweak any problems and improve the product even further.


“We’re targeting all types of business: from start-up software companies and small operators to multi-national enterprises. But we always keep in mind the main principle: it should be easy to use and intuitively simple for everyone,” he said. “We’re rolling out Spring BME for existing partners starting from August 20. The first three months will become ‘a pilot project’ for both us and our partners, allowing us to detect problems and fix them.”