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Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

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Quickly and easily create targeted marketing campaigns that really work.
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Key Features
Existing player base segmentation
Smart report generation across some 60 KPIs
Ad-hoc marketing campaign creation
Email as well as SMS campaign scheduling
Fully automated reporting to Excel
Multi-lingual and web-based
Frequently Asked Questions
What does the BetConstruct CRM offer?
CRM from BetConstruct provides the widest range of single tool campaign and player management functions available in the market today. From planning standalone promotions, through execution, results gathering and analysis, CRM combines accuracy with deep insights. It enables high impact, high volume marketing without the need to create and staff a whole new Marketing Department.
Why should I choose CRM from BetConstruct?
The gaming industry does have a number of customer relationship management solutions available today, offered by competing vendors. Some are well integrated but they do not offer deep knowledge of, and functionality around, sports, for example. Others have the sports knowledge yet they rely on multiple elements from separate vendors, making them less efficient and more time consuming. Only BetConstruct offers a single, fully integrated CRM tool that leverages sports knowledge, as well as a decade of insights into what gaming business marketers really need.
What are the main functionalities of the CRM Campaign Manager?
CRM’s Campaign Manager enables a wide range of marketing tasks to be carried out on a low-touch, high efficiency basis. Some of the functionalities are:

Existing player base segmentation.
Filters (unique attributes describing each customer and helping to identify character, behaviour and individual gaming propensities).
Target group configuration.
Ad-hoc marketing campaign creation (supported by pre-existing materials).
Email as well as SMS campaign scheduling.
Campaign delivery.
Fully automated reporting to Excel.
Smart report generation across 60 KPIs (including control group comparisons).
Accurate, transparent and insightful reports.
Key learning stored for enhanced player behaviour prediction.
Does your Campaign Manager offer high volume emailing option?
Campaign Manager includes the option of a high volume email provider within the package price. (Our partners can also continue with their own current provider, if they prefer.) Functionality includes sending over 430 thousand emails a day – or 18 thousand every hour – at no extra cost. That’s the power of around 13,000 million email contacts every month.
What are the technical characteristics of the CRM from BetConstruct?
CRM from BetConstruct is a complete and independent, web-based solution. That means our partners don’t have to buy or integrate any extra software. Full integration into any other system is no problem and we can create desktop clients for different operating systems, such as Android and iOS. Our admin tool also allows BetConstruct to easily configure a partner’s preferred settings, including email and SMS provider details and choice of operating language. In fact, the only limit on performance is the operation’s own server capacity.
Do we need an extra staff to start using CRM?
CRM does not require any new infrastructure or an expanded team to benefit from the full range of its functionality. There is a one day best practice course for the primary user who can then instruct other members of the team as required.