Virtual Reality Casino

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We create a world of new reality
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Key Features
Slot Machines
Sport Bar
Live dealer
Individual gaming stands for casinos
Flexible individual branding, design and game development
Real money betting and immediate payouts 24/7
Custom game development
24/7 Customer Support and Live Support
Multiplayer social space
Easy integration with Partner’s customer databases and loyalty systems
Frequently Asked Questions
Q What is VR Casino?
A This is one of the most amazing places in online –gambling industry. At first glance, it seems quite ordinary. The land based casino visitors easily enjoy playing blackjack or poker. The VR technology is able to reproduce all these emotions. Using a special equipment the player appears in a casino and starts feeling very different reality. A 360-panorama view opens in front of the player, and he can interact with surrounding objects. Due to modern devices, gaming sphere raises to a new level. The gamers can switch off the reality and move to casino, which is absolutely the same as a land-based casino.
Q Why should I integrate Betconstruct’s VR Casino?
A Betconstruct’s VR Casino is a high quality and highly competitive gateway for our partners’ business growth. VR Casino includes popular casino games, as well as hybrid games of new generation with casino and betting features, which is very attractive to our partners as well as is a very good source of income. We tend to be close to our partners and customers and build maximum effective communication to provide the best solutions, which are the most suitable for operators.
Q How can it be compared to other VR casino providers?
A Before launching the project Betconstruct’s specialists made a huge research work in terms of VR providers, analysis of special features and details, which enable the creation of the product close to ideal. There is a special department in Betconstruct where the most high level specialists are gathered. They will make all efforts to integrate VR Casino to the platforms of our future partners.
At the moment there is no serious and disturbing competition in VR Casino market. The existing products are elaborated on initial level and are too far from being perfect.
Q What does VR Casino offer to gaming industry?
A Any gambling is some means of satisfying the need of a person in attaining certain feelings and emotions. VR Casino is the next level of satisfaction, which no any other project in this sphere can provide. VR Casino is a much more universal and prosperous project: in case of online casino the player cannot get involved into the game on such a high level, and in case of land-based casino the players are always somehow limited – space, building, local rules and standards, gaming machines etc. In case of VR casino the only limit the player has is his imagination.
Q How often do you propose new games?
A We have integrated such products into our casino as slot machines, slot machines with jackpots, video poker machines. Moreover, all the gaming machines are built based on our program software. Besides, the casino guest can visit the sport bar and make any bet. Another feature which is worth highlighting are poker tables with live dealers. This is a total know-how both in casino world and in VR. We can integrate any gambling into VR Casino in very short terms. Also we provide such service as creation of games upon order and their further integration.
Q What are the main characteristics of Betconstruct’s VR Casino games?
A VR Casino is an online casino with 3D graphics and is maximally close to the atmosphere of land-based casino. It enables the players to move in gaming halls, look around, make a dialogue with other gamblers, choose a preferred game etc. All the above-mentioned looks quite natural and live.

The principle of VR Casino’s work is based on demonstration of a video with higher resolution and cleanness of cadres, than the ones in traditional computer games. This approach gives the opportunity to reduce the obstacles in loading to minimum. Any gestures of head or hands comes alive in cadres in a second and ensures the effect of presence.

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