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Enhance the range of skill games you offer with fast growing innovation Chinese Poker, along with Backgammon and Belote.
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Key Features
Exciting alternative to traditional casino
New revenue stream without cannibalising existing market
Growing number of new games, including Chinese Poker
Fully customised designs
Monthly organised tournaments
Web apps supporting all devices (iOS, Android, Windows)
Possibility to set up other products at a single price
Products Included in Skill Games
Chinese Poker
Belote & Deberc
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Chinese Poker
Fast growing markets
Key areas: South America and Eastern Europe
Played at high profile online poker tournaments
Monthly organised tournaments
High publicity
4 variations of Chinese Poker
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Belote & Deberc
Available in web versions
Exclusive tournaments on your own platform or through connection to other networks
Back end modules supporting: Registration, User and Tournament Management, Risk Management and Wallet
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Global profile and multi-market appeal
Highly involving game
Backgammon variations: International, Classic, Long, Nack, Hyper, Tapa, Asian and Khachapuri
Secure and confidential gaming space
Simple and player-friendly interface
3D board
Voice notifications
Player chat
24/7 system monitoring and support
Customised interface
Can work on standalone basis or by connecting to global network of players
Frequently Asked Questions
Q Is Chinese poker a business growth opportunity?
A The markets for Chinese Poker are growing fast, with real impact in key areas including South America and Eastern Europe. The game benefits from the publicity created by frequent play at high profile live poker tournaments. BetConstruct offers your business an important growth opportunity by bringing three variations online.
Q How to play Chinese Poker?
A Chinese Poker was first played by Russians in Finland. While it is similar to traditional Poker, there are some differences. Each player has 13 cards in a 5, 5, 3 combination. To start, every player must have a minimum of 100 entry points that they have to buy. The winner can be determined by different calculations. But the most common approach is to select the player who has the greatest number of points after three rounds. The winner receives his initial stake, combined with the number of points he’s ahead with.
Q What are Belote and Deberc?
A Belote is a card based skill game that has great profile and popularity in Armenia, where there are two variants: Open and Standard. Deberc is the Russian version of the game. As part of BetConstruct’s skill game package, they can be played on your platform. Or you can connect to additional networks to organise tournaments and increase player numbers.
Q How to play Belote?
A Open Belote is very similar to the Standard version, with a few key differences. It’s played with just two players, with one player assigned to be dealer. He places 2 rows of cards with 4 cards each: one set of 8 cards for the dealer and one set for the non-dealer. The dealer then repeats the process, but now with only 4 cards per player, stacked face up this time, on top of their top row.

After dealing, the bidding begins. The non-dealer can now start, by choosing the trump suit. If the non-dealer chooses to forfeit their choice, the dealer must choose the trump suit. If the dealer forfeits his choice, another 4 face-up cards are dealt to each player. The choice to select a trump suit now returns to the non-dealer. If he forfeits again, initiation is forced onto the dealer who must choose a trump suit. The game now begins and the non-dealer plays the first trick. When playing a face-up card with a face-down card underneath it, the face-down card must be flipped to be open.
Q How to play Deberc?
A Deberc is the Russian version of Belote, played by two players with a deck of 32 cards (from ace to seven of every suit). Once the draw starts, if either player has four 7s they gain the right to demand a redraw of the cards – by presenting those cards before their first move. When this happens, the draw is passed to the next player. The object of the game is to gain 501 or more points before the opponent.
Q Are tournaments available for Belote and Deberc?
A As part of our BetConstruct skill games package, Belote and Deberc are only available in web versions. To drive player numbers and involvement, both games can be set up as tournaments – either on your own platform exclusively or through connection to other networks. Each tournament works as a straight knockout (with the possibility of re-entry on payment of another fee). The players have the attraction of a promised level of winnings for the top places and the pot size is determined by the entrance fees. All skill games operate on the basis of a rake (stands at 2-3% currently). The exact rake percentage is set individually for each partner.

Through our back end modules, we support a number of important functions for these games, including Registration, User and Tournament Management, Risk Management (if required by the customer) and Wallet (provided through our Casino Management tool or other 3rd party wallet tool).
Q Tell me about your Backgammon offer?
A The BetConstruct Backgammon offer includes seven variants for maximum player appeal, involvement, loyalty and revenue growth. You can also choose to connect our online Backgammon to the global network to attract even more players from beyond your own platform.

Backgammon has real global profile and multi-market appeal. BetConstruct’s Backgammon is a total offer that includes the International version as well as the following variants: Classic, Long, Nack, Hyper, Tapa, Asian and Khachapuri. Available cross browser and cross-platform, it includes web and fast download versions and is automatically updated after the initial installation.

Players of BetConstruct Backgammon can have total confidence in a secure and confidential gaming space. All our Backgammon products feature a simple and highly player-friendly interface, 3D board, animations, voice notifications, and player chat. There is also full game restoration after any loss of internet connection, as well as 24/7 system monitoring to maintain a safe, fair and welcoming playing and operating environment. The interface can be tailored to match your individual requirements, for a fully customised look and feel. And we already offer play in 9 languages, with the possibility of adding any other language on request from a customer.
Q Do you offer Backgammon as a standalone product?
A Yes, Backgammon from BetConstruct can work on a standalone basis, with participation being restricted to players only from your platform. Or you can involve players from all over the world (and benefit from ‘follow the sun’ gaming) by connecting to the network.
Q Is your skill games product customisable?
A Our skills games are designed to create an exciting and involving player experience. That’s why we offer full customisation to achieve the welcoming online environment you want for your players. We can localise the package – through tailored look and feel and translation - so that players feel completely at home. The interface is highly attractive and very player friendly, as you would expect. And it’s the ideal environment for multiple tournaments that drive increased participation and wager value.
Q What platforms are available and how is the product supported?
A Our download clients work with all operating systems. Our web apps support all tablets and smartphones across iOS, Android and Windows. Deployment is quick and simple. Our skill games can scale to accommodate increasing numbers of players – fully supporting tournaments for example - but always in a robust and secure gaming environment. Our hosted service includes stable and certified RNG systems and a complete and transparent back office and reporting system – so that management information is always up to date and accessible instantly. Technical support is available 24/7 and on a multi-language basis and we also process multiple currencies.
Q How fast can I start operating skill games?
A The BetConstruct skills game package is as close to ‘plug and play’ as possible. Speed and simplicity, not complexity, are at the heart of our approach. That means we make sure our standard API integration takes no longer than three business days. Partners can use it easily, without the need for extra training.
Q Can I integrate the Skill Games product to my own network?
A You can chose integration that creates your own local network. Or you can benefit from the potential of round the clock gaming, by connecting to our BetConstruct global network. Either way, just one, simple, procedure is involved and it includes our full skill games package. After completion, no additional integration work is needed.

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