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World famous games. Huge player appeal – from beginners to pros. Rich online functionality.
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Key Features
Two Poker styles
Significantly more hands dealt per minute
Up to 24 tables on play simultaneously
Online poker network
Larger player pool and increased liquidity
Freeze-out and guaranteed tournaments for all levels
Products Included in Poker Software
Texas Hold'em
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Texas Hold'em
The most popular poker game globally
Offered in all 3 limits: No Limit, Limit and Pot Limit
3 formats: all cash, sit'n'go, and tournament
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Original form of "Omaha High"
Offered in Limit and Pot Limit forms
Highly involving
Frequently Asked Questions
BetConstruct Poker overview
From the moment players arrive in your online Poker room, the action starts. There's an available players and tables summary, practice chips and real money bankroll display. Different time zones create a sense of really "being there" in a dedicated Poker environment where exciting play is a promise.

With BetConstruct, all the standard online poker room features, from instant hand history to dealer chat, are offered in an intuitive, user-friendly style. A large number of table and lobby designs are all supported by BetConstruct's Poker offer. Multiple languages and individual branding are possible too.

Theme selection, advertising areas and messages, configurable sounds, observer and dealer chat all enrich the look and feel. Players can choose their dealer, while hourly game stats and saved player histories help create a truly involving experience.

Every aspect of our Poker offer is designed to support a truly great and industry leading player experience, based on the following great features. (Please note, these features are all available for download, Flash and web versions. Availability of some features on mobile may be restricted.)
How to play Texas Hold’em?
Without doubt the most popular game of poker globally, Texas Hold'em has grown in profile as the result of major televised events around the world. And it's a big attraction online, as well as in live casinos. Texas Hold'em is offered in all 3 limits by BetConstruct—No Limit, Limit and Pot Limit and for all cash, sit'n'go, and tournament formats.

In Hold'em, each player receives two private cards (called "hole cards") that are theirs exclusively. Then 5 community cards are dealt face-up. These cards make up the "board". All players in the game can use these shared cards, together with their own hole cards. The objective is to create the best possible five-card poker hand. In Hold'em, each player can use any combination of the available seven cards to make the best possible five-card poker hand, using none, one or both of their private hole cards.
How to play Omaha?
With Omaha Poker, BetConstruct offers the second most popular game of poker, in its original form of "Omaha High", both as Limit and Pot Limit. Omaha is not competing in a saturated market. It brings our partners the benefits of a solid base of players and increased liquidity in the virtual poker room. It's an exciting and involving game, deriving from Texas Hold'em.

Each player receives four private cards ("hole cards") for their exclusive use. Five community cards are then dealt face-up on the "board". All players select precisely three of the community cards, combined with precisely two of their hole cards to make up the best possible five-card poker hand.
What functionality is offered with the BetConstruct Poker?
Quick lobby option (allows players to find suitable tables, up to 24 simultaneously, then get involved in gameplay in just a few seconds).
Rich Selection of Cartoon Avatars.
Multiple Theme Selection.
Configurable Sound.
Advertising Space.
Vertical Menu Structure.
Expandable Navigation.
Customisable Menu Items.
2-line Expandable Table List.
Animated Filter and Sort List.
Dynamic Content Modification.
Scroll by Drag.
What does the Poker from BetConstruct provide to create engaging player experience?
Options Menu (Language and TimeZone).
Dealer Selection.
Dealer Chat.
Observer Chat.
Multiple Resizable Tables (up to 24 tables on 1 screen).
Quick Seat Button.
Preferred Seating.
Sit-on-Similar-Table Feature.
Opponent Option Menu.
Multiple Card Deck and Chips.
Winning Hand Visualization.
Limelight on Active Player.
Customisable Raise Slider.
Free Check Warning.
Real Money Switch.
Hourly Game Stats.
Game History Playback.
Detachable Chat.
Is the Poker from BetConstruct appealing to different players?
BetConstruct's Poker offer appeals directly to two important player profiles: beginners and the more experienced. For novices, the system can be configured to provide increased levels of protection from losing bankroll quickly to far more experienced players. This enhances the new player experience and drives return visits, loyalty and increased stake values. And for highly experienced players who want a challenging Poker environment, the software supports advanced game functionality, including responsive table design and multi-table play.
Will I be able to join the global poker network?
Our Poker product offer gives our partners the significant advantage of joining an online poker network – instead of being limited to a single, isolated, poker room. This network capability ensures a larger player pool (for increased liquidity) and it also allows partners the ability to offer guaranteed tournaments, with larger prizes. This, in turn, attracts more players from your market into your room. Players can compete with other players, in real time, from any place in the world. The user interface displays a virtual selection of tables through which the players can participate in the game.
Do you offer tournaments with Poker product?
We offer a variety of freeze-out and guaranteed tournaments to suit all levels. Our partners can attract, retain and grow their player base (and its revenue value) by offering freerolls and other promotional guaranteed prize tournaments. The tournament games on offer are: Hold'em, Omaha, Badugi. Tournament variants are: Guaranteed, Freezout, SitnGo.
What other capabilities does Poker from BetConstruct offer?
The software that drives all BetConstruct's online Poker games is powerful, feature rich and easy to implement. It includes proven, fully customisable, Download, Flash and Android card rooms with integrated payment solutions, sophisticated back office, CRM, Affiliate and Agent modules. There are options to run separate card rooms or to join our network. Bonuses, rake back, rake race, satellite and steps tournaments are all possible.
Are additional personnel required to manage this product?
Our software does not require our partners to pay for any additional people or dedicated infrastructure when BetConstruct is actively managing tables, tournaments and promotions. However, the backend is also flexible enough for partners to manage all Poker functionality by themselves after training.
Does the Poker from BetConstruct offer commercial benefits?
Yes. Commercial focus at a glance:

Easy and quick acquisition of novice players.
Appeal to experienced players.
Significantly lower set-up and operating costs (compared with alternative providers).
Significantly more hands dealt per minute (players can play on multiple tables simultaneously)
Quick loyalty build.
Easy-build marketing campaigns.
CRM, Affiliate and Agent modules.
Robust poker management, based on industry standard double-entry accounting.
What lobby options do you offer to enhance user experience?
Lobby Options:Classic and Quick/Simplified.
Completely Skin-able.
Advertising Area.
Available tables
Players/Table Summary.
Buddy List.
Cashier Button.
Practice Chips and
Real Money Bankroll Display.
Bad Beat Jackpot.
Tab Sliding Between
Cash Games.
What table options do you offer to enhance user experience?
Completely Skin-able.
Resizable Windows.
Options Menu.
Chat Option.
Chat Block.
Photo Realistic
Avatars (option of Up-loadable Circle Avatars)
Move Here Button.
Pre-Selection Buttons.
Multi-tabling enabled.
Buddy List.
Player Notes.
Player Tagging.
Table Stats.
Hand Replay.
What do you offer with the Poker from BetConstruct to make it appealing to players globally?
Multilingual customisation and branding.
Multicurrency support.
Multi-operator – enabling running of multiple operators, multiple tables and tournaments (within a global network or stand alone, i.e. for operator only).
What are the technical specifications of the Poker from BetConstruct?
Downloadable Client-Software (Hold'em, Omaha, 7 Card Stud, Badugi)
Browser-based for Instant Play (Hold'em, Omaha, 7 Card Stud, Badugi)
Flash version: Cross Platform on browser that support Flash
HTML5 version (Hold'em, Omaha)
Mobile version for Android/iOS (Holdem, 6-Max)