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Fantasy Sports Software

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The software will be updated on January 20, 2018
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Key Features
KYC and Geolocation services
Payment Gateway integrated with Pay Pal, MasterCard and Visa payment systems
Live Statistical Data
Live Injury and News Data
Capability for IOS and Android Mobile apps
Network capabilities with guaranteed big prize contests
Multilingual and Multi-Currency
Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
Bonus Engine
Gaming Management System
Possibility to set up other products at a single price
Frequently Asked Questions
Why should I choose Fantasy Sports from BetConstruct?
By partnering with BetConstruct you will get the complete A to Z solution which includes:
KYC and Geolocation services integrated in our platform to be provided to our partners at no extra cost.
More than 80 payment systems are already integrated into our platform including, Pay Pal, Master Card & Visa.
Live Statistical data feeds.
Live injury and news data feed.
IOS and Android native apps.
Network of Players with guaranteed contests organized by BetConstruct.
Is there a native application?
Yes, in addition to the website BetConstruct provides the native IOS and Android applications.

I want to operate in different countries, can I do that on your platform?
Yes, the platform is multi-currency which allows players access to the website from different parts of the world and an option to play in local currencies.

In addition, the web site can be created in multiple languages such as: English, Spanish, French, Italian and Russian. More than 80 payment systems are already integrated into our platform to allow you to choose most popular solutions for each region that you are going to operate.
Is there a risk of cannibalization of existing revenue streams?
According to the data that was collected from the operators that are using our Casino and Sportsbook products, in addition to Fantasy Sports, there has been no indication of cannibalization. On the contrary, we noticed growth on the Sportsbook side due to cross selling.

Our observations are also backed up by independent researches.

Most Fantasy Sports players are not casino players or gamblers. They are sophisticated sport enthusiasts with advanced sports knowledge and a desire to turn that knowledge into cash.
How do you solve the issue of the players and prize pool liquidity?
We are bringing players and prize pools to the network by connecting players from more than 200 operators to the BetConstruct network.
I am an online gaming Operator. How can a Fantasy Sports product help me to grow my businesses and customer base?
Fantasy Sports taps into a new market of players, attracting many sport enthusiasts who may not be gamblers but, nevertheless enjoy the fun and excitement of gaming. These players like the challenge of competition and enjoy the sweet taste of victory, pocketing monetary prizes as a result of the skillful use of their knowledge.
Is Fantasy Sports Legal in US and Canada? Is it considered Gambling?
Playing Fantasy Sports for cash prizes are legal by federal law in the United States, and also legal in Canada. Fantasy Sports, according to Internet Gambling Prohibition and Enforcement Act, a game of skill therefore, it is not considered gambling.
Is Fantasy Sports a game of skill or a game of chance?
Fantasy Sports is a skill based game. To win a contest the players must have good knowledge of the sport and must be informed about the current status of the athletes. They need to use analytical skills to compare athletes from different teams and wisely draft their roaster. The game provides a unique opportunity to the user acting as a manager of his or her newly created team. The experience of what managing a team is like, buying athletes and competing against other “managers”. The chance for a non-skilled player to win the contest is extremely low.
How is Fantasy Sports played?
For each contest players are assigned with a certain amount of money (Salary Cap). The selected team value must be equal or below the Salary Cap. With BetConstruct’s solution, the players can use detailed statistical information regarding the teams, upcoming fixtures and individual players.

Players also have the opportunity to create their own contests and challenge their friends or other players.

When the fantasy team is created, players enter competitions with lineups chosen by other Fantasy Sports players. Each athlete in the player’s lineup is given a score, based on his or her performance in a real sporting event.

The individual athlete scores are then combined to calculate the total for the team. Players win when his or her fantasy team achieves the highest score in the contest that they have participated in.
Who decides the entry fee amount and prize amounts?
The entry fee, type of the contest, number of winners, maximum allowed number of lineups per player are all decided by the operator from the easy to use back office tool.

Point allocation and the settlement of the winnings are done automatically by the software.

Terms of the contests on the Network are decided by the dedicated team of experts from BetConstruct.
What are the key player involving features of the Fantasy Sports from BetConstruct?
BetConstruct’s platform enables players to share their lineups and winning results on social media, to challenge their friends and play against each other both in a head to head and in team vs. team competitions.

Players can play with real money or for fun.
What leagues are covered by BetConstruct?
Fantasy Sports players can compete in fantasy football (NFL), fantasy basketball (NBA), fantasy baseball (MLB), fantasy hockey (NHL) and 15+ different soccer leagues such as English Premier League, Spanish La Liga, Italian Serie A and many more. We are in process of adding fantasy golf (PGA), fantasy cricket, fantasy NASCAR and fantasy MMA.