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Gaming Management System

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Effectively manage business operations with an integrated back office tool suite accessible online.
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Key Features
Multi-product, single environment
One Account & One Seamless Wallet.
Single Back Office Management Tool.
Payments Gateway Module.
Multi Product Bonus Engine
Cross product automated CRM
Frequently Asked Questions
What is the GMS and what functionality does it provide?
GMS is a single betting and gaming management product, it brings together ten key functionalities to enhance player experience, enable effective operational management and drive business performance. The specific functions are:

Multi-Product, Single Environment.
One Account & One Seamless Wallet.
Payments Gateway Module.
Verification Gateway.
Single Back Office Management Tool.
Cross Product CRM.
Multi Product Bonus Engine
Comprehensive Reporting.
Content Management System.
Agent System.
How does the GMS benefit my business?
GMS makes it possible for players to enjoy a seamless gaming experience and the convenience of a single balance on just one account, held in just one wallet. Your players can engage with your portfolio easily. And your business can enjoy total visibility of their preferences and performance, helping you to tailor their experience and drive engagement, loyalty and revenues.
Can I monitor my business with GMS?
Yes. Growth can be managed for profit (and not just expansion). Owners and operators will benefit from the clear management visibility that GMS creates. They can monitor business performance closely, plan and implement effective change, and control costs. All from a single back office. All based on accurate and timely information.
What is multi-product – single Environment?
GMS provides a single gaming management environment that supports multiple products (including 3rd party products for maximum player and operator choice). In this environment, GMS carries out a whole range of management functions covering players, accounts, permissions, payments, reports and business performance.
What is one account – one seamless wallet in GMS?
GMS means a smooth and simple user experience for your players. No matter how many different games they choose to play, there is always just one single log-in, a single player account and one seamless wallet. For players, the action is no longer interrupted by balance transfers. For the business, complex management processes are eliminated.
What is Payments Gateway Module in GMS?
A modular design for a single integration to GMS, it allows multiple Payment Methods to be easily added without impacting your day to day business.
What is the Single Back Office Tool in GMS?
The GMS Single Back Office Tool is a comprehensive, web based and cross-product player management tool. The tool provides more control for operators, single location for key information, enhanced oversight in key areas of player and operations management (including permissions and functional access/responsibilities) and greater efficiency.

The tool saves time and reduces demands on operator team members, potentially resulting in smaller teams and reduced costs. Integration with 3rd party products is easily achieved.

The GMS Single Back Office Tool consists of the following key functional areas: Dashboard; User Management; Player Management; Reporting; CRM system; Affiliate and Agent Systems, CMS, Bonus Management, Sportsbook Management and Gaming Management.
Tell me about the GMS Dashboard?
The GMS dashboard is designed to give operators what they need to grow a profitable business effectively – prominent, timely and accessible information on how the business is performing in key areas. The customisable dashboard gives owners and managers access to multiple widgets to provide a clear overview of the business KPIs.
Tell me about User Management with the GMS?
The GMS User Management function gives your business robust control over Back Office user identities, responsibility profiles and permissions. This level of control is achieved by: managing permission groups, creating user identities and profiles and assigning permission levels.

This functional also provides a comprehensive overview, understanding and management of your players, including:

Player Profile
Play History
Payment Methods
Account Details
What are the GMS reporting capabilities?
Reporting is potentially one of the most time consuming tasks for any gaming business, especially start-ups. It's also a crucial source of information and insights that are the foundation of well-managed growth. GMS offers both a broad and deep range of standard reports to capture key aspects of business performance and market intelligence. The reporting scope includes:

Standard reports
Bet report (all bets)
Sport report (P/L per Sport)
Competition report (P/L per Competition)
Market type report (P/L for different sports markets)
Payments (withdrawals, deposits & commission)
Payment systems report (different payment systems used by operators)
Casino report (Casino P/L)
Partner sales report (All products)
What is the GMS Report Builder?
Report builder allows you to design your own reports to meet your business requirements and save them for easy access in the future.
What is CRM System?
Campaign Manager is BetConstruct's new and specially tailored CRM solution, that's designed specifically for the needs of the gaming industry.
What are the GMS Affiliate and Agent Systems for?
Comprehensive Affiliate and Agent Systems drive extra business growth.
What is the GMS Bonus Management?
Bonus Management functionality allows you to manage your cross-product bonuses to increase player loyalty and traction.
What is the GMS Odds Feed Management?
For both Sportsbook and Odds Feed partners, this tool allows taking full control of your customisable Odds Feed.
What is the GMS Gaming Management?
Gaming Management tool allows to manage your Casino and Gaming portfolio from within the single Back Office.