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Financial Betting Software

Growing numbers of people want to feel what it’s like to be a trader in a great financial centre like Wall Street. Financial Betting from BetConstruct gives them the chance to wager on the performance of a variety of assets and market indices. The on-screen trading environment is highly interactive. The market information is updated continuously. The excitement is for real.

  • Overview 

    Offer your players the excitement of the financial markets with our financial betting software.
    Target New Player Profiles
    Target a completely new player profile. Attract high staking players looking for short margins and low staking players wanting low stake/high payout bets.
    Offer Exciting Betting Experiences
    Allow players to experience the thrill of Wall Street. With an opportunity to trade in over 11 different asset markets.
    Build Revenues and Business Growth
    Innovative offer in a market that's new, full of potential and totally ripe for real growth. A new betting proposition that won't cannibalize the existing business.

    Key Features

    11 different asset markets
    3 betting time ranges: 1 minute, 5 minutes and 1 hour
    3 different odds markets: moving, range and static
    Continuous detailed information feeds on worldwide markets
    Forecasts calendar
    Early cash-out facility


    Standard Pricing
    Standard setup fee is 10,000 EUR and 20,000 EUR for the Classic and SpringBuilder solutions respectively.
    Revenue Share Model: Financial Betting Partner - 90%, BetConstruct - 10%.
    White Label Pricing
    Setup fee is 10.000 EUR. Revenue Share Model: Partner - 80%, BetConstruct - 20%.

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