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Reliable data. Informed decisions.
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Key Features
Full language translation tools
Branded design
Head-to-head team search functionality
14 sports covered
Data from matches held in over 120 countries
Data from over 1800 competitions, including 650+ soccer tournaments
Over 20 years of accurate historical data for top football leagues
Frequently Asked Questions
What is Statistics?
Statistics provides access to comprehensive and sophisticated information, based on complete historical and near live data match data. The visual environment is attractive, friendly to use and incorporates advanced functionality for a positive user experience. Statistics provides simple navigation from a competition section to head-to-head section and other functionality. Customizable logos and colors can be included to reflect your brand identity to your players.
What data does Statistics provide?
Statistics provides a wide variety of Sporting data ranging from competitions, matches through to individual player data. In more detail the product includes:

Simple navigation through sports, regions and competitions
Match results and fixtures /Standings
Head-to-head statistics
How can players find the information they need?
Statistics provides a wealth of rich data which players can navigate to simply via a number of impressively designed and user friendly views, these views include:
Structure of competitions in detail including the format of a tournament in a particular season
Match results and fixtures by date and round
For top football leagues, match statistics including referee, line-ups, substitutions, goals scorer, yellow/red cards, etc.
Team standings including all/home/away league table with rounds
Team individual statistics for top football leagues including team logo, stadium location on Google maps, last matches played, team manager and players
Player individual statistics for top football leagues including nationality, date of birth, height, weight, foot preference, etc.
H2H statistics including any team search functionality (from covered competitions) which helps users to easily discover detailed information on two specific teams playing not only against each other, but also information on their previous games with other teams across different competitions
How does Statistical assist and benefit your player base?
Statistics helps players increase their confidence levels due a perceived increase in knowledge. Analysis confirms that players who cannot quickly find the background data they require on your site will go elsewhere to track it down. In addition, if the place they go is a competitive site, the result will be an immediate loss of business, combined with possibility of damage to longer-term loyalty. So it is clear that having statistics readily available for players is an important contributor to betting revenues.

Statistics is also implemented using a Sportsbook layout, with an H2H icon on every match, so the player can access the H2H statistics on the specific two teams.
How can Statistics be accessed?
Statistics is accessible from desktop, mobile and tablet devices, supporting players wherever they are. Access is unlimited and 24/7, ensuring you can give even the most demanding players the information they want.
What are the technical requirements to run Statistics?
BetConstruct’s Statistics is available as an HTML solution, as well as XML and JSON feeds. It is fully functional on desktop and accessible from tablet and mobile devices.