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Odds Feed Service

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The power of over 300 professional traders behind an odds feed system that's robust, responsive and ready to deliver.
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Key Features
30,000 Live matches every month
40,000+ Pre-match events every month
2000+ odds markets
140+ sports types
High update frequency, fixture checks and change alerts
Fully customizable margin settings, minimum/maximum odds values
Facility to configure market, match and competition
Frequently Asked Questions
Why should I choose Odds Feed from BetConstruct?
The best odds delivered fast and responsively help to increase player satisfaction. The best odds feed system manages costs down. So, as your player spending goes up, so do gross gaming margins and profit.

With depth of bookmaker expertise, speed of responsive data gathering and breadth of data, the scope of Odds Feed from BetConstruct is truly impressive:

Over 30,000 live matches every month.
Odds on more than 140+ sports around the world.
Over 2000+ different odds markets.
Pre-match odds feed.
Odds algorithms.
Odds data gathered with very high accuracy (through our Match Reporters Network, TV and Live Video Streaming).
Full service portfolio from single source (for all pre-match and live betting offers).
Comprehensive reporting.
Why should I use Odds Feed rather than build my own bookmaking team?
For any gaming business, established or start-up, the resources needed to set up such a comprehensive odds feed from scratch would be very significant indeed, both in terms of expertise and money. By using Odds Feed from BetConstruct, your business can benefit from a superb global odds feed that's also highly efficient and very cost effective. (The only demand the system may make on your operation is a person in the back office to use the Odds Feed management tool.)
How are odds produced?
Every day of the week, more than 300 professional BetConstruct traders offer thousands of pre-match and live betting markets on sporting events around the world. All our odds data is collected through our Match Reporters Network (live scouts), TV and Live Video Streaming.
How responsive is Odds Feed from BetConstruct?
Odds Feed is designed to provide the most responsive system possible, to link the needs of your business with the latest and most accurate information and the odds setting skills of our professional bookmakers. Here are the key elements of Odds Feed responsiveness:

Direct contact with trading floor managers.
Fully automated and customizable data.
Direct integration via JSON (Java Script Object Notation) feed.
Odds updated continuously during matches.
Continuous fixture checks and fixture change alerts.
All results provided for immediate payout (driving player satisfaction).
Can we customise Odds Feed product to our specific needs?
The Odds Feed management tool allows easy control over the selection of sports and competitions in your feed, along with choice of live matches. A high level of system automation, combined with numerous configurable options, enables operators to fully customise individual user settings. Live Odds Feed configurable options include:

Margin settings.
Minimum/maximum odds values.
Comprehensive Reporting.
Facility to configure market, match and competition.
Separate configurations for Live and Pre-Match (fully configurable odds feed for both Pre-Match and Live Betting.)
Can we use Odds Feed with Sportsbooks from other vendors?
Partners can access Odds Feed as part of our full cutting-edge management solution for betting operators. Or it can be utilised as an independent product that can easily be integrated into an existing platform. Odds Feed is a powerful product that helps deliver the best possible service – and at a highly competitive price.
How is Odds Feed supported?
Odds Feed is built around robust reliability, to ensure operator peace of mind and player satisfaction. At the heart of reliability is a powerful machine:

24/7 technical support.
All data created, verified and supervised in-house in real-time, 24/7.
Dedicated team of experienced specialists (guaranteeing highest quality and security standards).