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Colossus Pool Betting

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Global appeal. Biggest Sports Jackpots, featuring the weekly £10,000,000 Colossus
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Key Features
1x2 and correct score football and other sports pools
Unparalleled, lotto-sized globally merged liquidity
Leg-by-leg Cash Out offers
Consolation prizes
High margin, zero risk
Revenue share on both the stakes and Cash Out margin
Plug and play integration
Full localisation - multi-currency and multilingual
Global appeal to sports fans audiences
Frequently Asked Questions
What is Pool Betting? Does BetConstruct offer pool betting for its Sportsbook?
In pool betting, the stakes of players are bet into a ‘pot’, with the proceeds (less a deduction to cover operating costs and profits) being shared between winning players.

All pools offered by BetConstruct provide guaranteed minimum prize funds so that players are always playing for a significant amount, regardless of amounts bet into the pools. Our pools enable operators to offer jackpots with life-changing prizes, without taking on any liability.
How does the Pool Betting Gameplay work?
The player is required to select the correct results of sports events. Using a 1X2 Pick 15 as an example, the player must select the correct home/draw/away outcome in each of the selected 15 soccer matches. Players can make more than one selection in each match to increase their chances of winning, although taking multiple ‘lines’ increases the cost of the player’s ticket.
How does Cashout on pools work?
At half-times and full-times in each fixture in a pool, if a player’s ticket is still eligible to win a prize in the pool, the player will receive a Cashout offer for the ticket. The player can elect to accept an offer in full or in part. For example a player might choose to sell 50% of the ticket and bank some profits immediately and keep the other 50% of the ticket and therefore remain eligible to win 50% of the jackpot prize.
How do the pool organisers make a profit?
A deduction of 30% from players’ stakes is made and this is shared with our operator partners. In addition, a margin is charged on every Cashout offer and this margin is also shared with our partners. So, pools betting as offered by BetConstruct provides two revenue streams.
Can the Jackpot be increased in Pool Betting?
Yes. Pools will grow and rollover when not won, with the prize funds accelerating in a similar manner to a lottery rollover.
Why is Pool Betting interesting to operators?
We enable our operators to offer the world’s most volatile pools product with lotto-sized prizes, without those operators taking any risk or taking on any liability. We provide access to a global network and take responsibility for operational matters (pool management and risk), allowing operators to focus on growing their player base.