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Expert support and rapid resolution of a wide range of queries and issues. All delivered via convenient channels, including live chat, phone and email.
Own Language
Player support offered in English, along with at least 11 other languages, by highly trained agents. In English or local language, service availability 24/7.
Cost Effective
A customer service organisation is an expensive and complex operation. B2C Support from BetConstruct is both a high quality and a highly cost-effective option.
B2C Support – Experience the BetConstruct Advantage

With our proven and professional B2C support, BetConstruct offers a service designed to enhance the gaming experience, by responding to support queries from our partners' players. While they can be certain that their players' support needs are being fully met, our partners can focus on their primary goal: building a successful and profitable gaming business.

Great Customer Service – Without Great Expense 

Even better, they can do this without needing to hire in a customer support organisation or build one from ground zero. So, great customer service is also cost effective operationally. Our B2C Support is actually included as part of the transparent revenue model we have with all our partners. That means no specific extra cost centre is involved in supporting all BetConstruct products.

Cost effectiveness does not mean any compromises on quality however. We provide a very high level of product knowledge, to assist players with their most frequent queries and issues. Players can access the expertise through live chat online, phone or email. Around 85% of players' issues are resolved by our polite and professional agents, through first line channels. The remainder – typically, more complex queries - are ticketed for deeper analysis by experts in other departments. Expert assistance is also available 24/7 for queries on topics such as calculations.

All this is achieved without our partners needing to set up a new service operation or hire in extra staff. And, as your business grows, our scalable service grows with it, supporting increasing player numbers without a steep increase in operational costs.


BetConstruct B2C Support – At A Glance

Service Channels

Our B2C Support is delivered via a range of channels designed to offer players accessibility and convenience:

  • Live chat (our most accessed channel)
  • Phone
  • Emails
  • Messaging from within applications
Service Availability

Players want to be able to play whenever it suits them and we know our partners' gaming businesses have to offer maximised uptime. That's why our service availability extends to 24/7 in English, backed by extensive local language support:


  • 12 languages supported
  • 24/7 support for Armenian, Russian, English, Georgian, Turkish, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic and Korean
  • 10:00 - 02:00 (CET+4) support for French, Italian and German
  • All queries answered 24/7 in local language or English
Players' Most Frequent Questions

The top questions we receive from players include the following issues:

  • Withdrawals
  • Deposits
  • Calculations
  • Disconnections from gaming service
  • "How do I play?" – advice on specific game rules
Service Performance 

BetConstruct's B2C Support is designed to deliver performance as well as professionalism. The statistics tell a story of hard working customer service. Here are just some of the most impressive:

  • Average response time less than 30 seconds on live chat
  • Average phone response time less than 15 seconds
  • Agents can record more than 10,000 minutes of active chat in a month
  • Agent support in 12 languages, with minimum second language English for all agents
  • Technical, product and even sensitive financial issues all dealt with professionally
  • Average chat duration 20 minutes
  • Upwards of 85% of issues resolved during initial conversation
Customer Support Underwritten – Without Substantial Overheads

Extensive player support, available 24/7 and via multiple channels. Professional and expert support agents with multilingual ability. Rapid resolution, leading to enhanced player satisfaction and loyalty. ALL provided within the BetConstruct business model at no additional cost. It's no wonder that our B2C Service is the perfect option for first class and cost-effective customer support.