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One point of contact
Your business has a single purpose: growth. We provide a single point of contact, to ensure you always have the support you need.
One focus
Our B2B support teams are always looking for chances to increase your revenue, from the products you already have and new opportunities.
One idea of available
Our definition of “available” is simple. Our account managers are a call away, out of hours too, with 80% of issues resolved within 30 minutes.
Dedicated B2B Support – Experience The BetConstruct Advantage

At BetConstruct, we provide a full range of B2B support to all our partners. Every aspect of our B2B support services is designed to help build as much value from the relationship as possible. We start with a single point of contact for each partner – their Account Manager. As a result, questions ranging from overall account status to specific software issues are channelled through just one BetConstruct person, providing a quick and consistent one stop shop.

One Account Relationship – Six Key Support Areas

In addition to consulting on our product portfolio, your BetConstruct Account Manager and their team can provide expert support in the following key areas:

  • Account Management
  • Risk Management
  • Bookmakers
  • Lawyers
  • Financials
  • Monitoring
Account Management – Total Care From The Start

At BetConstruct, our approach to account management begins from the very moment we welcome a new partner. Account Managers are assigned carefully to achieve the best possible fit with each partner's business profile and objectives. Once we are happy that you have the best possible channel to our expertise and experience, we begin the technical processes involved in connecting your business to the power of the BetConstruct offer. Typically within three to four weeks, we complete the technical tasks, including API integration, skinning and other key processes. We set up the back office and organise thorough training before we set the launch day for product and/or website go-live. As soon as a product or site from BetConstruct is live, we initiate our total focus on your business growth. This includes regular reviews of the account, KPIs including key statistics, and potential improvements to site promotion and player experience.

It's Your Business – That's Why We Make It Personal

All our Account Managers are available for a daily online meeting with their customer. And direct contact can also be facilitated with key areas including: Book Makers, Risk Management and the Heads of Department.

100% Partner Focus – 80% Issue Resolution Within 30 Minutes

B2B Support from BetConstruct applies 100% focus: on growth, on revenues and on profit. And with 80% of issues identified resolved within just 30 minutes, it's clear that we're all about removing barriers to the total success of your gaming business.